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Subject: Seasons Greetings from Fatah
swhitebull    12/23/2007 4:43:59 PM
x swhitebull
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swhitebull    And A big F-u to Condi Rice for enabling them   12/23/2007 4:45:06 PM
From LittleGreenFootballs:
Partners in Peace Want Everything

Sun, Dec 23, 2007 at 10:07:09 am PST

For the 43rd anniversary of ?moderate? terrorist Mahmoud Abbas? Fatah party (currently trying to decide how to spend the billions of dollars donated by a hopelessly delusional ?international community?), Israel?s partners in peace have commissioned a poster showing Israel completely replaced by ?Palestine.?

Openly advocating ethnic cleansing, right in the face of the so-called international community." width=200>Designed specifically for the occasion by Abdel Mun?em Ibrahim, the poster features a map of Israel that is entirely draped with a Palestinian keffiyeh scarf.

It also carries a drawing of a rifle as a symbol of the ?armed struggle? against Israel.

The poster, which has been endorsed by the Fatah leadership, has already been posted on a number of Fatah-affiliated Web sites. The underlying message of the poster is that Fatah, like Hamas, does not recognize Israel?s existence.

The emblem is in violation of Fatah?s declared policy, which envisions an independent Palestinian state alongside, and not instead of, Israel.

By including a rifle in the poster, Fatah is sending a message to the Palestinian public that it has not abandoned the option of ?armed resistance,? despite current peace talks with Israel.
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