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Subject: US pledges $500million for palestineans.
reefdiver    12/15/2007 6:59:32 PM
Full article at: "WASHINGTON — The United States will pledge about $500 million for the moderate-led Palestinian government in the West Bank when Arab, European and other nations meet next week, U.S. officials said. The money would go toward a goal of $5.6 billion that former British Prime Minister Tony Blair hopes to raise to rescue the tattered Palestinian economy and reinforce institutions that would become the backbone of any eventual independent Palestinian state." ---- I really want to hear from anyone who believes this money will do anything other than line the pockets of corrupt officials, and buy weapons that will be turned on the Israeli's. Has any money the US has given the Palestineans really resulted in anything but contempt for the US when it ($) doesn't keep rolling in? Have Palestinean organizations ever really said anything nice about the US in return? Will they ever so much as mention anything nice about the US in a single child's school textbook? It seems like an incredible waste of American taxpayers (borrowed) money. So will some intellectual, smart as_, or even moron, kindly explain to me in easy and simple words that my obviously retarded mind can understand - what tangible good will come of this? I'm obviously needing some education. At the moment all I can read on the blackboard is a-p-p-e-a-s-e-m-e-n-t. Its obvious I need to change my username to "stupid".
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