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Subject: Protocols of the Elders of Zion
sentinel28a    12/7/2007 10:32:02 AM
Not sure if this is the best place for this, but anyhow... I have a douchebag on another message board insisting that the Protocols are true. Can anyone point me to some good sites that shows what a crock of crap they are? (I tried Googling--the first site I got was a Stormfront neo-Nazi site. Not good.) He's telling me to look for the "truth" on YouTube, BTW. Yeah, like I'm going to find anything resembling the truth on a known hangout of fundie Islamists, Troofers, and Leave Britney Alone types. I'm just there for the AMVs anyway. Anyhoo, much obliged. Winning an Internet argument is like winning a mud fight with a pig, but maybe somebody will listen.
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swhitebull    For starters   12/7/2007 11:57:04 AM
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battar    First draw your curves   12/7/2007 11:57:08 AM
...Then verify your readings.
Decide on the answer you want to hear and put that in the google string.
If you search "protocols elders fake" you will come up with Jewish anti-defamation sites, if you put in "protocols elders truth" you will get the Nazis, Islamists, and other idiots.
But start from the basic question - of all the hundreds or even thousands of Jewish texts available, why is "the protocols" the only one that appears or is mentioned on looney-tune sites and discussions? There must be a reason... after all, if you want to find evidence of Jewish bigotry against non-Jews in genuine texts, you don't have to work too hard.
If someone insists on believing that the "protocols" is genuine against all evidence, you are not going to win any arguments with them. These people have already made their decisions, they don't want to be confused with facts.
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Shirrush    Damn links tool!   12/7/2007 12:28:09 PM
Sentinel, can you open Swhitebull's links? If you can't, just say so, and I'll hack them for you.
I suspect that links generated, on this forum, with Internet Explorer, can be opened with IE only, since I indeed can open the above with IE but need to hack the url's with Firefox. And I resent being compelled to launch the hostile and clumsy Microsoft junkware!
Swhitebull, can you please switch to a friendlier browser for the purpose of posting here? I'd be soooo grateful!
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jastayme3       12/7/2007 2:05:13 PM

The general theory is that it was a deliberate fabrication concocted by the Russian Secret Police, back when the Czar(and more important his flunkies-I get the impression that the Czars of the time were often more fools then knaves)were tottering on their throne. A scapegoat was desired and the Jews had the advantage of being influential enough to not make blaming them look ridiculous(to Russian eyes anyway)while not being influential enough to defend themselves. This time period, by the way was the basis of the pogram at the end of the movie Fiddler on the Roof.
Of course penetrating a Russian secret police organization is like penetrating the dungeons of Barud-dur. So we probably can't tell if they were the original source. But they had at least some connection.
Some may have better details about it.
The response to such theories is usually that they go against all human nature. For the Jews to secretly rule the world would require a whole ethnic group through many generations to have the discretion that professional intelligence agencies must go to a lot of work to obtain-not always successfully. And why would the author be the one to know? And why would all Jews particularly want to secretly rule the world? Secretly ruling the world seems like such a bother. And I would be the first to admit that Jews give a high cultural prestiege to mental prowess. But they aren't quite smart enough to manage The Protocals and gentile(even Czarists)aren't dumb enough to be it's passive victims. Some  Jews obviously were active in  political groups that had rather a conspiratorial air to them. But some  Jews were a lot of things.  Conspiracy theories don't particularly overestimate man's evil. What they overestimate is the power of some men and the lack of power of others.

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sentinel28a       12/8/2007 6:45:12 AM
Thanks guys.  The links work okay, but I use IE anyway.
It probably won't do any good, but it makes me feel better.  I really don't have a problem with a cabal of 12 Jews running the world; I just wish they'd cut me in on the action.  I'm a Catholic; doesn't affirmative action work?
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Shirrush       12/8/2007 3:31:44 PM
Uh, Sentinel, I do not think we should grant you POTEZ membership if you insist on using IE...
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FJV    Huh?   12/8/2007 4:48:57 PM
Don't knock Internet Explorer.

Bill Gates was ordered to produce Intenet Explorer by the elders. And the software has been of tremendous benefit to further our  their goals. Bill was also handsomely rewarded for his services it seems. Of course not as well rewarded as the real elders are.

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sentinel28a       12/9/2007 9:21:44 AM
Yeah, but Firefox is a Commie plot!  I mean come on--Firefox? Soviet Union? MiG-31? Connect the dots, man! It's a conspiracy!
(Wow, so this is what it's like to be a Ron Paul supporter...)
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Shirrush       12/9/2007 4:21:46 PM
Even wearing a tinfoil hat, I couldn't reach that depth of understanding.

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jastayme3       12/10/2007 1:43:17 AM

Thanks guys.  The links work okay, but I use IE anyway.


It probably won't do any good, but it makes me feel better.  I really don't have a problem with a cabal of 12 Jews running the world; I just wish they'd cut me in on the action.  I'm a Catholic; doesn't affirmative action work?


What haven't you heard? It's the Vatican that is really ruling the world through it's evil conspiracy of Jesuits and Knight's Templer that Prefigures the Antichrist.
And in doing so you deprive us Evangelicals of a chance to have a Totalitarian Theocracy that Wishes to Kill All Democrats.
How could you?
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