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Subject: Question on Israeli gun law
YelliChink    7/30/2007 11:06:16 AM
I read many articles about Israeli gun law and regulations, but there are a lot of contradictories in these articles. All try to distort the fact to fit their own agenda. I just want to know the fact: how an Israeli law abiding citizen can get armed and use it in self-defense against thugs and terrorists? How does he or she apply for the licence? What kinds of firearms are available for him/her? Is there any regulation on ammunition, both type and amount can be purchased/obtained? Is there strict law on conceal/open carry of privately owned firearms? Thanks for the answering!
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battar    The NRA    7/30/2007 12:55:51 PM
First, I'm wondering why you would want to know?
To get a license for a gun in Israel you have to show that you need a gun.  This means that you have to be
a) A member of the armed forces - only career soldiers above a certain mimimum rank (officer/warrant officer)
b) Have a job which might put your life at risk, or requires you to protect others. (diamond courier, security personnel)
c) Work in a job which requires travel in the West bank.
For the above three rules, you also have to prove that you are sane and do not have a criminal record.
There is another possibility, that you live in the West bank, in which case you can get a weapon and do not have to prove that you are sane and do not have a criminal record - most residents of the West bank couldn't, anyway.
You also have to not be an Arab citizen of Israel, or fat chance getting a license (but not impossible).
The civil courts in Israel are completely useless, making virtually any use of a weapon more of a liability to you than a danger to anyone else. For example, you could be jailed for threatening an intruder to your home with your pistol.
You cannot legally use a weapon to prevent a bank robbery (even if the robbers are armed).
You can be held responsible if your weapon is stolen from your property.
For these reasons, I gave up my license and donated my weapon to the police when I left the armed forces.
Ammunition is limited, except ammunition purchased in a firing range to be used at the range. You can simply go to the range, buy 3 boxes of ammunition, practice with two, and no one is the wiser.
You do not need a license to practice with a weapon inside a legal firing range.
Weapons do not need to be concealed or otherwise. The normal way to cary a pistol is in a holster in the belt. In summer you can see it, in winter it is concealed by your coat.  The preference is for unconcealed weapons, to serve as a deterrent.
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YelliChink       7/30/2007 1:05:05 PM
Thanks for answering my question.
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