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Subject: Happy Rosh Ha'Shana! (Jewish new year)
aceofw    10/4/2005 6:21:14 AM
Now that the bloody night of family holiday dinner and waaay too much food is over, we can start hoping for a better year, a year of joy, a year of growth and regeneration, and blah-blah-blah... So, Happy new year to everyone :)
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Shirrush    RE:Happy Rosh HaShana!    10/4/2005 7:28:01 AM
Yup! Happy New Jewish/Chaldean/Lunar Year, and a merry Ramadan too, to you all! Check this out: And this:
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aceofw    RE:So which year is it?   10/4/2005 3:48:11 PM
IIRC, 5766
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jastayme3       11/29/2007 11:56:08 PM
What sort of things do you do for Rosh Hashana?
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