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Subject: Jewish Population World Wide
Aeb4ever    9/8/2005 11:49:10 PM
A few questions; what is the total population of Jews world wide today, what was the total Jewish population world wide in 1939, and what percentage of the total Jewish population world wide was killed in the Holocaust? What I found so far is around 13 million total today (I was under the impression it was higher so if you find a better source feel free to correct me) As for Holocaust figures I have found one source that said 60 percent of European Jews which were 35 percent of total. It was unclear however, if that meant Europe’s total represented 35 percent, or if it was 35 percent of world total killed. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
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aceofw    RE:Jewish Population World Wide    9/12/2005 3:06:11 PM
(All answer are approximate, I don't have exact numbers) 1) "what is the total population of Jews world wide today" - 13 million 2) "what was the total Jewish population world wide in 1939" - around 18 million 3) "and what percentage of the total Jewish population world wide was killed in the Holocaust?" - around 33% No, sadly, you've got it right, jewish population was decreased dramatically in the holocust, and it's unlikely to be able to recover considering current trends (Jews leaving religion, families with only a few children compered to the many-children per family it was back then in eastern europe).
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battar    RE:Jewish Population on starship Enterprise   9/12/2005 4:05:26 PM
Here's a toughie - what do you estimate will be te Jewish population of the world in 50 years' time, taking into account the percentage of mixed marriages and the resulting difficulty of determining who is a Jew? My guess is that the numbers are in a terminal decline, simply because a lot of the younger generation in th west (i.e, excluding Israel) are finding a lifestyle that is different from traditional religion.
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aceofw    RE:Jewish Population on starship Enterprise   9/14/2005 10:14:18 AM
Well, I have no idea about the numbers, but I'd say the Jewish population (depending on the definition of "who's Jewish" - and that's a whole different story) will diminish. In the world, it's the resault of the exposure to a life style that, in general, dosen't include religion as a key factor. In Israel, many people are leaving religion, that's how I feel it, because judaism in Israel had been taken over completly by the orthodox and now if your not ultra-orthodox - you're not Jewish. What troubles me further, is that we "secular" jews, in our effort to create Israel and forge a new identity to include also the values of western democracy, were all too willing to give ourselves away as jews for the ultra-orthodox to take without so much as even putting on a fight.
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Ghost General    RE:Jewish Population on starship Enterprise   9/19/2005 7:57:52 AM
On my travels overseas I have met quite a few Jews (heard a great saying, "there are 4 million Jews in Israel and at any on time 2 million of them are traveling" or something like that) and most of them seem to be secular Jews, yet they still call themselves Jews. Being a "jew" seems more to be a statment of race these days rather than a statment of religion.
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swhitebull    RE:Jewish Population on starship Enterprise   9/19/2005 8:29:22 AM
We can start with William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Walter Koenig as cast members, and Mark Lenard as Spock's father! swhitebull - Jews in Space
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aceofw    RE:Jewish Population on starship Enterprise..GG   9/19/2005 9:43:17 AM
You're half right, since for most of them, being a jew is only a statement, more akin to "I'm a football fan" (a religion on it's own...) or "I'm an Israeli" (these two wods are far too synonamos(sp?) than thy should) than something that bares any meaning. If you'll ask them "Why are you Jewish?" they'll probably answer "What do you mean why? Because I was born Jewish", and if you'll ask them what does it means to be jewish, they'll give you some technicaleties. More importantly, try to ask them if they consider themselves as jews as the orthodox Jews.
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aceofw    RE:Jewish Population on starship Enterprise..SWB   9/19/2005 9:50:33 AM
Jokes aside, I'm afraid I'm quite so familiar with how Jews in the US live, nor am I much familiar with the reformist movement so I can't say much about that. If you can tell me about this via email I'd be happy. BTW:1) And don't forget old mel brooks too, probably able to squeeze him in as ferengi or something... 2)We're those web-sites I sent you any good?
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On Watch    Jewish Population    9/20/2005 3:25:12 PM
“I would rather serve as a cabin boy in the United States Navy than hold the rank of Admiral in any other service in the world.”-U.P. Levy, USN One thing I have noticed over the decades is that as a culture/religion/race or whatever, the relatively small "Jewish population" [community] has produced many quality people, or as someone has said of other nations, they punch above their weight. A shining example for me was and is Commodore Uriah P. Levy USN. It is not surprising that the Commodore was honored on the 18th by the dedication of THE COMMODORE URIAH P. LEVY CENTER AND JEWISH CHAPEL at UNITED STATES NAVAL ACADEMY, ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND “My parents were Israelites, and I was nurtured in the faith of my ancestors. In deciding to adhere to it, I have but exercised a right guaranteed to me by the constitution of. . . the United States, a right given to all men by their Maker, a right more precious to each of us than life itself. But while claiming and exercising this freedom of conscience, I have never failed to acknowledge and respect the like freedom in others. . . I have earnestly endeavored, in all places and circumstances, to act up to the wise and tolerant spirit of our political institutions.” Commodore Uriah P. Levy, USN The following account of the life of Commodore Uriah P. Levy is excerpted from the forthcoming book "Fireside Chats - The Forging of the United States Navy" by Rear Admiral Stuart F. Platt and Duffrey Sigurdson. Uriah Phillips Levy was born in Philadelphia, April 22nd 1792. His family were Sephardic Jews whose roots in America went back to Levys Great-Great Grandfather, Dr. Samuel Nunez, and to his Grandfather Jonas Phillips. Nunez had been the personal physician to the King of Portugal and, fleeing the inquisition, he emigrated first to England and then to the American colonies in 1733. He landed ashore with a British fleet under the command of General James Oglethorpe and helped found the city of Savannah, the first outpost in the new colony of Georgia. Phillips was a veteren of the American Revolution, friend to George Washington who was a guest at his wedding, and an ardent and vocal Patriot. He was also the President of the Mikveh Israel Congregation in Philadelphia. At the age of ten Levy "ran away" to sea. Levy's mother let him go, but only after she had extracted a solemn promise from him that he would return home for his bar mitzvah! Uriah did not disappoint her and two years later he returned to Philadelphia. At the age of 14, his Bar Mitzvah behind him, he signed on for a further 4 years of service in the merchant fleet. By the year 1811, his apprenticeship over, he had managed to put together enough money to purchase a part interest in the Sailing Brig "George Washington". He was 19 years of age and he had command of his first ship. In a defiant show of his faith, in an era of almost global anti-semitism, he had a Mezuzah afixed to the door of his cabin. A Mezuzah is a small case containing a holy scroll and is affixed to the door to remind those persons of Jewish faith entering within, of God's presence. His time at the helm of his own ship was short, the next year war broke out and Levy joined the United States Navy. During the War of 1812 as history came to know it, Levy held the rank of "sailing master" aboard the U.S.S. Argus. In 1813 U.S.S. Argus was ordered to France and then into the English Channel and Irish Sea. For the first part of the raid things went well, 21 ships were captured or sunk. On the morning of August 14 1813 however, Argus had the misfortune to appear on the horizon of His Majesty's Brig "Pelican". Although the two ships were similarly armed, each carrying 18 main guns, Pelican was sailing in her home waters and quickly got the measure of Argus. Wthin minutes it was over, Argus was unable to manouver and Lieutenant William H. Allen and 9 others among the crew were dead or dying. Levy and the other survivors were taken prisoner and they spent the remainder of the war as prisoners of the Crown at notorious Dartmoor Prison. The Argus was towed to Plymouth, England as a prize of war and sold by the Admiralty. In the Summer of 1816, while serving aboard the U.S.S. Franklin, Levy attended a ball at which a young Lieutenant made a public show of bumping in to him, not once but three times. Levy slapped him and the enraged man then cursed him as a Jew, to which Levy is reported to have replied, "That I am a Jew, I neither deny nor regret". The two men where quickly separated, but it was far from over. A formal challenge to a duel was issued to Levy the next morning by the offended Officer and the two men met on the field of honor in a New Jersey meadow on the morning of June 21, 1816. Levy said a Hebrew prayer and then offered his foe the opportunity of forgetting the matter there and then. When his offer was rejec
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Shirrush    RE: COMMODORE URIAH P. LEVY   9/20/2005 5:47:30 PM
Somebody vogged up! Bigtime. Otherwise how do you explain why the MOVIE about this outstanding character was never made? :-p Thanks OW. a good story is always appreciated!
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On Watch    RE: COMMODORE URIAH P. LEVY   9/22/2005 9:52:12 AM
>>how do you explain why the MOVIE about this outstanding character was never made? :-p<< I think the MOVIE probably was made, but they changed the title character's name, and had the Mezuzah removed from his cabin door. Hollywood's a secular bizness you know ;#] There is a small screenplay that could be the basis for a rewrite to encompass the EPIC stature of this Navy Officer's life: Six Court Martials of Uriah Levy by RobertDavenport “The Six Court Martials of Uriah Levy” chronicles the rocky military career of America's first Jewish officer. Uriah Levy rose to the highest rank in the United States Navy, despite simmering anti-Semitism and his own arrogant and self-destructive behavior. It's a humorous look at a man who even today holds the distinction of being the most court-martialed officer in US military history Then there's this book that could be incorporated: The Levy Family and Monticello, 1834-1923: Saving Thomas Jefferson's House Personally I'd like to learn more about his Business/Real Estate deals in New York, sounds as though he was the protoyype for the "The Donald". Let's Roll P.S. glad that you appreciated the story
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