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Subject: The Muhamad el-Dura affair: end of the story.
Shirrush    11/3/2004 5:38:29 PM
When the Camp David negotiations broke down in 2000, Arafat bolted and ran directly to Paris, where he had a night time meeting with Chirac. Nothing has ever been published on what these two talked about. A few weeks later, the war began in earnest, and a state-owned TV channel, France 2, soon had footage of the killing of a 12 years old Palestinian child by Israeli machine-gunners near Netzarim in the Gaza strip. Muhammad el-Dura became a symbol of Palestinian victimhood. An independant French-language press agency, Metula News Agency (Ména), has been inquiring extensively into this propaganda fabrication since then. They've had their final report translated to English, duly copyrighted but I'll copy-paste it anyway: Metula News Agency © English La Mena is a press agency offering strategic analyses, proximity reports, and media watch articles Copyright © 2003 Metula News Agency ? News at the top of the page ? Practical Information at the end of the article. Share your comments and reactions with everyone on the Mena forum The Al-Dura case : a dramatic conclusion (info # 010311/4EV) [scoop] By Stéphane Juffa © Metula News Agency Translated by Llewellyn Brown A Summary of the facts After three years of research, more than 150 inquiries, interviews and analyses devoted to the France 2 report of 30 September 2000 at the Netzarim Junction, in the Gaza strip, the Ména has published a long series of articles revealing the following elements: The news report produced by Talal Abu-Rahma and Charles Enderlin, asserting that a Palestinian child had been assassinated by Israeli soldiers, and distributed free of charge by a French public television channel around the world is a gross staging, aimed at demonizing Israel and the Israeli army. The soldiers accused by the commentary of the permanent correspondent of FR2 at Jerusalem did not fire a single projectile in the direction of the adult Jamal Al-Dura and the child at his side, as they were completely unaware of their presence on the scene. The supposed authenticity of the report, defended until now by the channel's management, was based on the sole testimony of its reporter Talal Abu-Rahma and principally on the declaration written, filed and ratified by the latter, 3 October 2000, in the presence of the lawyer of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR), Raji Sourani at Gaza. In this declaration, published in its entirety, with sketches of the events to corroborate it, on the Center's web site, Abu-Rahma notably declares : I, the undersigned, Talal Hassan Abu Rahma, resident of the Gaza Strip and who bears ID no. 959852849, give my statement under oath and after having been given legal warning and choice by Lawyer Raji Sourani, on the killing of Mohammed Jamal Al-Durreh and the injuring of his father Jamal Al-Durreh both shot at by the Israeli Occupying Forces.[?] Then, I focused my camera on the child Mohammed Jamal Al-Durreh who was shot in his right leg. His father tried to calm, protect and cover his son with his hands and body. Sometimes, the father Jamal was raising his hands asking for help. Other details of the incident are as they were apparently shown at the film. I spent approximately 27 minutes photographing the incident which took place for 45 minutes. [?] The Metula News Agency, confirming the conclusions of the inquiry appointed by the commander of the southern front of the Israeli army, led by the physicist Nahum Shahaf, has constantly asserted that Abu-Rahma's declaration was a false testimony and that the 27 minutes of film of the incident ? that is to say the filmed documents showing the Israeli soldiers firing in the direction of Jamal Al-Dura and leading to the death of the "child" ? did not exist. Until Friday 22 October, the numerous official appeals made by our agency to FR2 to view the 27 minutes of Abu-Rahma's rushes, as well as our reiterated proposals to compare our respective materials met with a refusal. Furthermore, our agency, supported by the conclusions of our inquiry, has constantly assert that Charles Enderlin's numerous declarations, evoking the existence of this footage of pictures showing the child's death, that the permanent correspondent of FR2 says he edited in order to spare the television spectators, are a fabrication, serving to confer an appearance of authenticity to a fictional event that it contributes to transform into an event reputed to be real. We find a sample of this sort of declaration by Enderlin in the issue 2650, page 10, of the publication Télérama, 25 October : "I edited the death of the child. It was too unbearable. The story was
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scholar    RE:The Muhamad el-Dura affair: end of the story.   11/4/2004 4:56:05 PM
Great stuff!
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swhitebull    RE:The Muhamad el-Dura affair: The Media Bias   12/28/2004 7:26:42 AM
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likud    RE:The Muhamad el-Dura affair: end of the story.   12/28/2004 5:32:46 PM
not surprizing,when i first saw the pictures of the shooting and the maps of where it took place,i knew the israeli soldiers didnt kill the boy. the boys death would bring about sympathy for the palestinians and make israel look barbaric,,why would hamas or islamic jihad not take the opportunity to make such a statment?
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bsl    RE:The Muhamad el-Dura affair: end of the story.   12/28/2004 11:46:10 PM
Actually, the "end" of the story, as far as most of the world is concerned, is that Israel is guilty. Israel has done a terrible job of presenting itself to the world for a generation or more. Forget the Muslim world. Most of Europe "knows" Israel is guilty and Israel hasn't done much to show otherwise. Being right doesn't matter if you can't convince anyone that you're right.
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stratego    RE:The Muhamad el-Dura affair: end of the story---bsl   12/30/2004 4:52:43 PM
"Most of Europe" also knows, via Abu Grab prisoner abuse story, US Marine shooting of a "freedom fighter" trying to surrender that the US is the bad guy in Iraq and Saddam was an indegenous nationalist leader defending a "local culture" against fascist invasion by the US. "Most of Europe" are either useful idiots or idiot users. What "most of Europe" thinks is not a result of Israel's failure to present itself. You haev missed the point of this thread, not easy to do.
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bsl    RE:Fantasia   12/30/2004 11:28:57 PM
Most of Europe "knows" what it wants to know, which, come to think of it, is a fair summary of the wonderful contributions Europe has made to the world over the last hundred years or a bit more. -Abu Ghraib: What is it which Europe "knows"? A minor prison scandal, fairly ordinary in war; and I'm judging "war" by the standards of European practice in the 20th century, and by "European", in this instance, I'm *excluding* the Nazis and Communists. Abu Ghraib is no larger, and apparently rather smaller than the series of scandals in the UK over treatment of Irish prisoners in the 1970s and 1980s. We won't even get into the history of France, in Algeria. The difference, of course, is that it didn't take a generation for America to uncover the scandal and end it. Because, of course, it was discovered by the American military command, which stopped it and prosecuted the people involved. And did so BEFORE Europe ever heard of the thing. 2)It takes the sort of bigoted willful ignorance which seems more and more common in Europe to chacterize the next example provided as "freedom fighter" trying to surrender" Have you actually bothered to look at the reports, or did you just summarize the summary of a summary? The actual recordings don't show "surrender", at all. They very clearly show a Marine who believed that the person he shot was trying to do the exact opposite of "surrender". Perhaps, someday, you'd take the time to check the tape? Perhaps reporting which bothered to point out that this incident didn't occur in abstract, but, rather, in context of numerous incidents when fighters feigned surrender, only to open fire would help? When an enemy develops the habit of violating surrenders, using them as ruses of war, they tend to find that they may not be able to surrender, for real, when the want to. Soldiers who are fooled this way tend to develop the habit of disbelieving any offer of surrender after losing one or two comrades to such ruses. And, btw, you are aware, are you not, that this sort of ruse is a war crime? Under the rules of war even Europeans used to know. 3)"fascist invasion by the US." It's probably not surprising that the continent which has done so little for the world, and committed so many crimes over so many years finds itself unable to understand people who really have, on more than one occasion, done something for the good of other people. I'm not sure I agree with those who feel that European culture is dying. I think it may revive, after a further period of collapse, when, after suffering some real pain, it recreates itself. Rather as the Germans did, in the 1930s, or the Russians did, in the 1920s.
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appleciderus    RE:Fantasia   12/30/2004 11:51:54 PM
Birth control, immigration, and PC condemn Europe to a dismal future. But then again, fewer crimes against humanity could be a good thing?
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Shirrush    RE: Fantasia   1/1/2005 4:02:54 PM
"Fantasia" around here is a brand name for an unsufferable, peach-flavored bubbly. Maybe Appleciderus had way too much of it last night! -Birth Control??? -Wot's PC? - Parti Communiste, or Portugues Correcto???? What's between these and Europe's future? Maybe you think that Malthusian bombs like Gaza have a brighter future than planned families in Milano? Immigration, mmh! How do you think the US got so strong? Through inbreeding of autochtonous populations maybe?
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swhitebull    Malthus   1/1/2005 4:08:58 PM
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Shirrush    RE:Malthus and Hummus   1/1/2005 4:39:34 PM
Yes Swhitebull, but being a Telavivi snob I still think that Hummus is a stand-alone to be swiped out of a dish with a pita, and using it as a side dish or a dip with grilled small game on skewers or something like that is sooo provincial!
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