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Subject: Uncovered - would bring down Bush...
warhater    12/18/2003 9:08:40 AM
I spoke to friends in the UK - who had seen segments of "Uncovered" on the BBC - who said that they can't believe Americans would vote for Bush after seeing the film! This is the controversial documentary exposing the lies that led to the Iraq war... The promotion for the film says that it "takes you behind the walls of government, as CIA, Pentagon and foreign service experts speak out, many for the first time, detailing the lies, misstatements and exaggerations that served as the reasons to fight a "preemptive" war that wasn't necessary." The film is out in DVD and you can details and a preview at
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swhitebull    WARNING - this is just another Tin Foil Website of Paranoia   12/18/2003 9:32:13 AM
...Uncovered - would bring down Bush... Please pass out the aluminium hats. This web site is ANOTHER in the endless series of loonie lefties who hate BUSH, just on priciple. Looking at the people who have endorsed this "expose'" reads like a rogue's gallery of Bush Haters, conspiracy theorists, socialists, anarchists, etc: Martin Sheen - good actor, but I've heard him speak and he doesnt know squat above the neck KATRINA VAN DEN HEUVEL - regular guest on Hard Ball, didnt know who she was the first time I saw her, but realized after 2 minutes of questioning that she didnt know a thing about international relations nor military science. ON the other hand, if you could put a gag on her, she is good from the neck down Al Franken - FORMER comedian, now turned Democratic National Committee shill, and spokes-idiot. Reduced to incoherent mutterings after Bill O'Reilly publicly humiliated his views during a political debate Mike Ferrell - TV actor, formerly on M*A*S*H - actually, the only articulate and coherent people of all those giving endorsements Ken Livingstone, mayor of London - NOT exactly a Bush fan - wasnt he the one reduced to frothings and spittle coming out of his mouth during President Bush's recent visit? This website is no worse or better than most of these HATE BUSH websites, most of their "assertions of lies" have already been endlessly refuted and shown to be total drivel, and there is a better use to which recycled electrons can be put to. swhitebull - I might suggest "Dark Skies" as a better source, or any Michael Moore movie. There's more truth in a Moore movie than you will find here - and you know where Moore fits in on the truthometer scale.
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Final Historian    RE:Uncovered - would bring down Bush...   12/18/2003 9:58:01 AM
Speaking of lies... This website appears as one manifest.
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Bob    RE:Uncovered - would bring down Bush...   12/18/2003 10:48:12 AM
was this one of the websites listed on the blue pill / red pill card that the lefties dressed up as characters from The Matrix were dishing out at the Revolutions premiere - trying to convince moviegoers that we are INDEED living in the Matrix? Or is this the film that is touting? It's so hard for me to keep track of which lies are being pushed by which group - like a tangled mess of leftist wires on an operator's switchboard :) .
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NewGuy    RE:Uncovered - would bring down warhater.   12/18/2003 11:01:29 AM
Warhater (gee, like anyone actually *like* going to war): Are you simply a "drop-a-link-and-im-gone" poster, or are you actually willing to rationally and logically debate the claims what this so-called "site" posits? We are here ready to debate you on these claims, if you have the courage to honestly debate them. NewGuy
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NewGuy    RE:Uncovered - would bring down Bush...   12/18/2003 11:47:33 AM
Ok warhater, just to get the ball rolling, I have posted a few "news items" from this site you linked to, with counterpoints pointing out the lies, deceptions, and fallicies displayed by them: "Lots of Bush folks seem to resign for “personal and family” reasons. Have you ever met anyone in your life that left a job for personal and family reasons?" My Answer: Yes, I have. I quit one myself to take care of an ill family memeber once. *THIS* is evidence of something wrong? "The report came as President George W. Bush fended off Pentagon reports that Halliburton-KBR overcharged US$61 million for gasoline it sold the military in Iraq. Dick Cheney ran Halliburton for five years until becoming vice president." This is a lie. I watched President Bush state on live TV that if anyone did anything illegal in this instance they would be punished and the money would have to be paid back. "Fending off"? No, unless you ignore what Bush *actually said* and substitute your own bias in place of it. "The way we removed the dictator, we became a global dictatorship." (Speaking of our capturing Saddam) Huh??? We remove and capture one of the worst dictators in the last 30 years, with the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent people on his hands, and *we* are a 'global dictatorship' because of it? Gee, I wonder what these morons would call us if we removed the dictators of North Korea, Syria, Libya, and others: A "universal dictatorship" perhaps??? "Strangely, while this tumor has caused the death of a great many cells, other cells have thrived since its initial appearance. In many respects, the patient’s overall health benefited from the very tumor that also caused its ill health. The tumor has had a great impact at increasing the industrialization of the patient; providing free education to the patient; providing free health care to the patient, and keeping the patient’s cells from attacking one another. The main problem is that the tumor’s radically violent actions cause the needless suffering and death of many healthy cells. These actions must continue to be scrutinized and controlled." This is part of an anology the editor at this site made, likening Saddam to a tumor on Iraq. Note that he actually *praises* Saddam for, as he claims, making Iraq economically better off (which is a lie for the average Iraqi), providing "free education" (Translation: free lies about their great leader Saddam, Israel, and the West in the textbooks), and "keeping sides from fighting each other" (translation: he ruthlessly repressed minorities and slaughtered the Kurds and other groups that threatened him). Yeah, Saddam really helped the cells (people) of Iraq, didnt he. "Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsy Clarke expressed readiness Sunday, December 14, to act as defense lawyer for ousted Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, with western analysts suspecting the captured leader would be given fair trial. - He doubted, however, that the ousted Iraqi president would be given such a fair trial." Yes, Ramsey Clark, the psycho-hose-beast of the left, is willing to defend one of the worst violator of human rights, and butcher of innocent lives over the last 20+ years. And you can bet he will say it was not poor misunderstood Saddams fault, yes, it was Americas fault that Saddam did bad things. Where the hell was Mr. Clark's "efforts to help" when a quarter-million Iraqis were butchered by poor misunderstood Saddam? "Bechtel criticized over school project in Iraq - Questions about the performance in Iraq by San Francisco-based Bechtel come..." Note the efforts to downplay the good in Iraq by these people, such as the rebuilding of *over* 1300 schools in Iraq. They use a quote by a *single* Iraq school official as the basis for this claim. Hum, should we buy this story? "New details on his capture and his first interrogation - When asked “How are you?” said the official, Saddam responded, “I am sad because my people are in bondage.”" Ok, this is a -really- sick one. These guys actually infer that Saddam cares about the people of Iraq. This is the same poor-excuse-for-a-human-being that (he and his cronies) tortured, butchered, beheaded, maimed, repressed, blackmailed, lied to, raped, pillaged, and mutilated the people of Iraq. They are trying to whitewash such a man! "The unpalatable fact for the Americans is that Saddam is a hero for a sizeable section of the so called Arab street, a rallying point for those who see the US as an imperial power in the Middle East." So? Are we supposed to be "sorry" that some misquided Arabs supported/supports such a bloody butcher? That is akin to saying that we should have been "concerned" that Hitler was a hero for a number of Germans. Rubbish. Anyone who supports Saddam must defacto accept the atrocities that Saddam is responsible for, and thus shares in the guilt for said atrocities. "The United Nations's top weapons inspector says most of the weapons-related equipment and research
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SGTObvious    Our Clueless Left   12/18/2003 1:33:37 PM
>>"Lots of Bush folks seem to resign for “personal and family” reasons.<< Umm, this is a GOOD thing. Moving to DC does stresses families, and agreeing that the job isn't worth the hassle of relocating is fine. When employee turnover is attributed to poor management, infighting, incompetence, etc, then it's a BAD thing.
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SGTObvious    Our Clueless Left II   12/18/2003 1:37:53 PM
>>"The report came as President George W. Bush fended off Pentagon reports that Halliburton-KBR overcharged US$61 million for gasoline..."<< False for any meaningful value of "fended off". If Leftist charges of corruption were true, why would the Pentagon even bother to report it? The fact that it was reported, and that it will be investigated and the screwup will be fixed PROVES the system is not corrupt (if indeed it is a screwup- no one on the left OR the right has yet produced an accurate cost estimate of what it takes to provide a gallon of gas in Iraq, considering that Iraqi domestic production could not be used (priority to Iraqis) and import costs high.).
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SGTObvious    Out Clueless Left III   12/18/2003 1:41:06 PM
>>"The way we removed the dictator, we became a global dictatorship."<< Global? So we're not unilateral anymore? Or does this mean we finally control France? Or is "global" just verbal flatulence? Of course, he meant to say that Dictators should be removed from power by gentle suggestion and letter writing campaigns, like... like.... um... little help on this one, please, I'm coming up with zip.
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SGTObvious    Our Clueless Left IV   12/18/2003 1:48:00 PM
>>"The unpalatable fact for the Americans is that Saddam is a hero for a sizeable section of the so called Arab street,"<< Good thing we took their hero down a few notches, then, right? I guess the Arab street is "boiling over with rage" today, just like they did after... after... um... once again, ya know, I'm just drawing a blank. I mean, we've heard the "Arab street will boil over" threat so many times, but when you actually look for said boilage taking place... hmmm... Perhaps they are getting ready to boil, along with Expat's massive shi'ia Army, which was supposed to attack last month. Wuh Happin, Expat? They got lost when the marshes were re-flooded?
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American Kafir    RE:Uncovered - would bring down Bush...   12/19/2003 3:41:16 AM
If leftists spent as much time documenting irrefutable facts as they do cutting and splicing interviews out of context and making cartoons for their rabid followers to enjoy... ...there'd be no more leftists.
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