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Subject: Why did the Iraq war start?
D Man    1/9/2004 11:27:51 AM
How did it start(i need to know for a report)?
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Final Historian    RE:Why did the Iraq war start?   1/9/2004 12:16:37 PM
The Iran-Iraq war, is that what you mean? If so, it goes like this: the Mad Mullahs in Iran take over from the Shah. The US gets kicked out, and they start to secure control of their country. Enter Saddam Hussein. He has just recently become "President" of Iraq. He looks over at Iran, and thinks he sees weakness. The Iranian army is undergoing some major re-structuring, and Saddam thinks that Iran is weak at the moment. So attacks Iran's southern part in order to secure the oil fields there. It was really Grand Larceny writ large.
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Ashley-the-man    RE:Why did the Iraq war start?   2/21/2004 4:44:16 AM
The President picked up the phone, called his Generals and said "Gentlemen - start your engines!"
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sentinel28a    RE:Why did the Iraq war start?   2/23/2004 4:46:00 PM
I was going to say we were bored, and football season was over, so... But that's the British. We fought because our Xboxes were broken, and it was time to introduce Counterstrike to the Iraqis firsthand. Yes, I'm being fallacious. It's late in the day for me, and I'm punchy. If you're looking for a serious answer, Final Historian is your man for this topic.
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SCUD    RE:Why did the Iraq war start?   3/28/2005 8:00:57 PM
Iran did an assasination attempt on tariq azziz. Next Iran launched massive SCUDs at Iraq. I beleive in February saddam got fed up and declared war against the nation. Iran started the whole thing and that is why Iraq needed a military.
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ret13f    RE:Why did the Iraq war start?   3/29/2005 1:17:10 AM
which one? Gulf War (1979-88) Gulf War 2 (1990-91), or the continuation war (2003-)
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ShallowThinker1    RE:Why did the Iraq war start?   3/29/2005 3:03:15 PM
It's probably waylate for D Man's report unless he's taking the course for the third or fourth time, but Wikipedia has what seems to be a reasonable summary ( Mileage varies greatly at Wikipedia depending on the topic and researchers/writers so, as always, be wary and if time and interest allow, find additional sources of info.
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P3RSIAN    RE:Why did the Iraq war start?   4/8/2005 12:16:34 AM
WELL ! YEs the mad mullahs took over the country! The military was completely out of order basiclly nothing in order and pilots were being executed that wer e loyal to shah! Saddam the jack ass see the weakness and attack souther border which is very oil rich. Iran Unites and OWNS them! Then USA start sectrely giving Iraq chemical weopons, russia seels to Iraq, France sells, and large amounts of money is givin to Iraq by neigbooring Arab countries. WIth all this THe war still remains in Irans favour! NO 1 sell to IRan, Iran service f-14 and all own weopon. USa says IRan cant fly more than 7 f-14 at once. Iran shock usa by flying 25 f-14 formation over tehran. after a few years saddams retreating army wants to sign a UN treaty to end war with normal border! but Iran complains they want compensation for the damage dealt by the war that Iraq started. Iraq refuses, war continues from 1979-1988 wen iran finally gives up trying to get any thing from saddam and signs un treaty. few years later crazy saddam back stabs his own arab brothers who helped him against Iran. NAto get in Owns him and secret agrrement between iraq and iran to shelter iraq fighter for a while iraq gives planes to iran to hold. wen war is over , Iran says Iraq owes alot from the war so they dont get their planes back! Saddam got screwed hardcore!
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Mike From Brielle    RE:Why did the Iraq war start? - P3RSIAN   4/8/2005 10:33:31 AM
Entertaining however I disagree about the US selling Sadam Chemical Weapons - I believe it was the US who brought Halabja (? something like that) to international attention by denounceing Sadams use of chemical weapons. There was a US agency as part of a UN sponsored Agricultural program that mistaskenly sent some anthrax to Sadams agricultural ministry for purposes of developing anthrax erradication program for Iraqi cattle. Sadams Mukhaburat I believe tried to turn this into a Iranian erradication program; whoops sorry (I don't think they were ever able to actually use the stuff in combat anyhow).
I believe all the Chemical Plants came either from the French or the Germans. We did share photo reconnaisance with the Iraqi's so that they would not get knocked out of the War.

Through the Iran-contra affair fiasco we probably sent more actual hardware to Iran then Iraq

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Ozamist    Mike From Brielle Pwnd P3RSIAN & Serbia odd   4/8/2005 8:54:09 PM
Uhmm ok i get the feeling that usa keeps pushing these lil countrys getting pissed and what not and saying you cant fly `10 jets hahaa and you actually waste the fuel to do it 0_o thats odd. we give you a weapon and you go crazy wif it. it seems that most of the countrys usa helps they destroy and dont rebuild like korea and iraq the iraq war has started all the time because of one thing saddam was a asshole and he was all like i wanna rule the world and iran was like nah they scudded em then usa and its allies wer like omg they invaded kuwait they were like hell naw ok he got pwnd then now usa is all like wtf a armistice screew that e heheh :P and then well i dunno what happens after that we leave and invade iran ? sumone Dammit us americans are bored tv no longer entertains us so we have to start fighting think of it as a soccer game but this 1 the players dont come back and ther not after all kindsa other bs like i want the national song to be my momma came from jufar NO i want it to be the iraqi national anthem then they start a civil war are sumthin isint that how veitnam started hahaha lol im just joking but i donot belive that one war was not as stupid as that i think it was alot more physco in i dont wanna follow you and i want halfe of europe thats good :) but no one wants serbia are do they ok i have nothing else to rambel on about but come on WHO WANTS SERBIA its the bowel of europe so sum say
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P3RSIAN    RE:Mike From Brielle Pwnd P3RSIAN & Serbia odd ???????   4/10/2005 1:45:11 AM
Oz wat are u saying? USA said Iran cant fly more than 7 f-14 because they couldn't repair/maintain them and had to canabalize other planes for parts! ps - Iran contra IRan only got ligth weopons like hawk not the chemical weopons. And also the chemical weopons that US gave to saddam were used on Iranians! many pictures to prove it!
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