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Subject: Iranian FAUXTOGRAPHY Bust on US weapons found in Iran - How it was Busted
swhitebull    2/18/2007 3:52:59 PM
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KlubMarcus       2/19/2007 3:19:28 AM
Ha Ha Ha! At some point in the past, those people were the pinnacle of the civilized world. Now all they can do is lie about their news using technology they did not create. Oh how far the muslim world has fallen, what a disgrace. If nothing else, hold on to your honor. And quit trying to BS the rest of the world, who turn out to be smarter and can dissect such pathetic attempts at disinformation.
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KlubMarcus       2/19/2007 6:00:56 PM
I visited the green footballs site and they had a picture from an LA Times story that shows the photochopped picture was photochopped again! Bwa ha ha ha!
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