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Subject: Rumor of a war-Operation TIRANNT
Herc the Merc    2/17/2007 10:32:28 PM
Iran - Ready to attack Dan Plesch Published 19 February 2007 7 comments Print version Listen American preparations for invading Iran are complete, Dan Plesch reveals. Plus Rageh Omaar's insights from Iran and Andrew Stephen on fears George Bush's administration will blunder into war American military operations for a major conventional war with Iran could be implemented any day. They extend far beyond targeting suspect WMD facilities and will enable President Bush to destroy Iran's military, political and economic infrastructure overnight using conventional weapons. British military sources told the New Statesman, on condition of anonymity, that "the US military switched its whole focus to Iran" as soon as Saddam Hussein was kicked out of Baghdad. It continued this strategy, even though it had American infantry bogged down in fighting the insurgency in Iraq. The US army, navy, air force and marines have all prepared battle plans and spent four years building bases and training for "Operation Iranian Freedom". Admiral Fallon, the new head of US Central Command, has inherited computerised plans under the name TIRANNT (Theatre Iran Near Term). The Bush administration has made much of sending a second aircraft carrier to the Gulf. But it is a tiny part of the preparations. Post 9/11, the US navy can put six carriers into battle at a month's notice. Two carriers in the region, the USS John C Stennis and the USS Dwight D Eisenhower, could quickly be joined by three more now at sea: USS Ronald Reagan, USS Harry S Truman and USS Theodore Roosevelt, as well as by USS Nimitz. Each carrier force includes hundreds of cruise missiles. Then there are the marines, who are not tied down fighting in Iraq. Several marine forces are assembling, each with its own aircraft carrier. These carrier forces can each conduct a version of the D-Day landings. They come with landing craft, tanks, jump-jets, thousands of troops and, yes, hundreds more cruise missiles. Their task is to destroy Iranian forces able to attack oil tankers and to secure oilfields and installations. They have trained for this mission since the Iranian revolution of 1979. Today, marines have the USS Boxer and USS Bataan carrier forces in the Gulf and probably also the USS Kearsarge and USS Bonhomme Richard. Three others, the USS Peleliu, USS Wasp and USS Iwo Jima, are ready to join them. Earlier this year, HQ staff to manage these forces were moved from Virginia to Bahrain. Vice-President Dick Cheney has had something of a love affair with the US marines, and this may reach its culmination in the fishing villages along Iran's Gulf coast. Marine generals hold the top jobs at Nato, in the Pentagon and are in charge of all nuclear weapons. No marine has held any of these posts before. Traditionally, the top nuclear job went either to a commander of the navy's Trident submarines or of the air force's bombers and missiles. Today, all these forces follow the orders of a marine, General James Cartwright, and are integrated into a "Global Strike" plan which places strategic forces on permanent 12-hour readiness. The only public discussion of this plan has been by the American analysts Bill Arkin and Hans Kristensen, who have focused on the possible use of atomic weapons. These concerns are justified, but ignore how forces can be used in conventional war.
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GreyJackal       2/18/2007 9:24:26 AM
This won't happen. Bush administration already have a hard time getting the surge going. How on earth will they start a war with Iran????
If Bush starts a war with Iran, then Bush will be thrown from office. The people already have had enough of war.
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stbretnco       2/18/2007 10:08:07 AM
Whoever wrote this tripe needs to step away from the bong for a few minutes.
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AdvanceAustralia    Herc   2/18/2007 2:11:10 PM
Did you mean to make a point by cut'n'pasting this article or were you just practicing your cut'n'pasting. No comment?
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Herc the Merc       2/18/2007 4:44:49 PM

Did you mean to make a point by cut'n'pasting this article or were you just practicing your cut'n'pasting. No comment?

Now Now Advance a lot of posters cut n paste--this was FYI and for ur opinion, I have no phone taps on Mr. Fallon (now in charge of fleet in the Gulf). As I titled-"Rumor......"
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PowerPointRanger    Contingency   2/19/2007 12:52:53 AM
More likely they were contingency plans.  The military plans for everything ahead of time, just in case.  It's simply a matter of being ready for anything.  And a fight with Iran is certainly more likely than just about anything else.  We would definitely have plans for that.
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sofa    at a time of our choosing   2/20/2007 3:03:24 PM
Iran has been funding and supporting large scale terrorism throughout the middle east and has been supporting and taking direct action against US for 25+ years? 
It's a 'war on terror', not a war on Iraq and Afganistan.
Follow the support and the funding. Expect US to continue war on terror.
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swhitebull    Iranian Terrorist Plans   3/4/2007 8:45:17 AM



Iranian Sleeper Cells Infiltrate The Gulf States

The Iranians have a plan if the West attacks them over their nuclear program, and they will not restrict themselves to military action. The London Telegraph reports that the Iranians have sent sleeper cells throughout the Gulf states -- and elsewhere -- and will activate them for revenge terrorist attacks if attacked themselves:

Iran has trained secret networks of agents across the Gulf states to attack Western interests and incite civil unrest in the event of a military strike against its nuclear programme, a former Iranian diplomat has told The Sunday Telegraph.

Spies working as teachers, doctors and nurses at Iranian-owned schools and hospitals have formed sleeper cells ready to be "unleashed" at the first sign of any serious threat to Teheran, it is claimed.

Trained by Iranian intelligence services, they are also said to be recruiting fellow Shias in the region, whose communities have traditionally been marginalised by the Gulf's ruling Sunni Arab clans.

Were America or Israel to attack Iran, such cells would be instructed to foment long-dormant sectarian grievances and attack the ex-tensive American and European business interests in wealthy states such as Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Such a scenario would bring chaos to the Gulf, one of the few areas of the Middle East that remains prosperous and has largely pro-Western governments.


For anyone who does not believe that a war on radical Islamist terrorism includes Iran, this should disabuse them of their naiveté. Iran has already done this in Lebanon and the Palestinian territories. Their organizations in those places are called Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad, and they do exactly what this article describes as a potential scenario throughout Southwest Asia.

On one hand, this points out a certain level of futility in the Iranian military. They have more readiness than Saddam Hussein's armies had in March 2003, but only because they still have an air force -- and that would only last the first couple of days in any conflict with the West. Nations that can defend themselves do not resort to terrorism as a deterrent. It took the Imperial Japanese three years of war against the US to reach the kamikaze stage, and since that was one military attacking another, it wasn't terrorism at all. In this case, Iran will take all of three minutes to cede their military insufficiency.

Adel Assidinia, the named source for this story, has other tales to tell. Formerly Iran's consul-general in Dubai and an important advisor to Iran's foreign ministry, Assidinia revealed that Iran has an extensive network throughout the region of spies and double agents. They run brothels in order to conduct "honey-pot" blackmail and extortion rackets against high-ranking government officials. They also track Iranian expatriates in order to use them for informants or sleepers -- and the primary thrust of the entire effort is to maintain security for Iranian nuclear-weapons research.

These agents will have the primary directive to unleash a wave of Shi'ite violence against Sunni targets throughout the region. All of these nations have sectarian divides to greater or lesser extents, but all are significant, and all could easily erupt into Baghdad-style violence if prompted. If this sounds familiar, consider Iran's role in the current violence in Baghdad as a clue to what they could do throughout the region.

It could get very bloody very fast in southwest Asia. Small wonder that our allies there would prefer a diplomatic solution to the problem.
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Clausewitz       3/4/2007 11:24:16 AM
"The Iranians have a plan if the West attacks them over their nuclear program, and they will not restrict themselves to military action. The London Telegraph reports that the Iranians have sent sleeper cells throughout the Gulf states -- and elsewhere -- and will activate them for revenge terrorist attacks if attacked themselves:"
Well, what would happen if these sleeper cells - especially the ones "elsewhere" - would get nukes. The mullahs quest for nukes has to be stopped a any cost. If diplomacy will work - fine. It diplomacy will not work there is only one option left ...
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