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Subject: Iranian Chernobyl?
In_tHe_EnD24    4/19/2006 8:04:46 PM
Is there a possibility in creating a nuclear fallout disaster, if Iran's nuclear facilites are bombed, mainly enrichment facilites, uranium stockpiles and of course Iran's nuclear reactor, by the way I know Iran has anounced it has enriched urnaium, any word if it is been transfured into the reactor?
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Shirrush    RE:Iranian Chernobyl?   4/19/2006 8:25:32 PM
You're spot on! There is no need for any sort of military action against Iran's nuclear sites to create one, or several simultaneous, Tchernobyl-like situation(s). The Iranian territory is exceedingly earthquake-prone, and dispersing dozens of nuclear facilities all around it does not make it a safer place for the Iranian people at all IMO. The core meltdown that characterized the Tchernobyl event in 1986 can only happen to a large nuclear reactor that i.e. loses it's primary cooling circuit, and bursting pipes spewing nasty superheated steam or worse, superheated molten metal, are a distinct possibility in the event of a powerful earthquake striking a working nuclear plant. In a centrifuge enrichment facility, I can imagine miles and miles of pipelines where the toxicest of toxic gases, Uranium Hexafluoride, flows under pressure. F'get it, it'd be enough to have a minor leak of the Hydrogen Fluoride gas that's used to prepare the stuff from refined Uranium ore, to cause a disastrous HazMat event. The whole business of Uranium/Plutonium/Thorium metallurgy is extremely adverse to Life in general, the more so when effected by terrorist, martyrdom-seeking mullahs in a big hurry to get their fires crackling. If you don't see where I'm getting at, ask any Russian what he means by "Chelyabinsk"!
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In_tHe_EnD24    RE:Iranian Chernobyl?   4/19/2006 8:51:01 PM
so with or without bunker busters, Iran will make 'Chernobyl look like picnic', on the bad side that may give terrorist acess to the highhly toxic radioactive materials/waste needed to make a drity bomb...
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