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Subject: So What Is Iran Planning To Counter the Threat?
CJH    4/13/2006 3:42:43 PM
I watched the Lehrer Newshour last night and a Judie Woodruff interview with an oil market expert. He said to look for $3+ a gallon gas this driving season. He also said that if Iran shuts off its oil, look out! What I've been expecting is to learn Iran has acquired nuclear weapons early from an external source and would threaten to use them discriminately or not on anyone invading Iran. Then there's the old hostage schtick. Some "terrorists" highjack an airliner and force it to land in Iran. Once in Iran, Iran won't allow anyone other than news crews and select family members in, it becomes unclear what the Iranian government's role is vis-a-vis the hostages and the hostages continue to be held until after, coincidently, Iran is assured it won't be attacked. Anyone have any realistic ideas?
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Tommi Atkins    RE:So What Is Iran Planning To Counter the Threat?   4/13/2006 5:14:51 PM
$3 a gallon? Thats about £1.80. Cheapest i can get is 95 octane from Teso's approaching the $6:50 £2.80 mark. Bloody government. I thought we were gonna get cheap fuel from this imperalist crusade!
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sofa    RE:So What Is Iran Planning To Counter the Threat?   4/13/2006 10:20:03 PM
My crystal ball is lubricated with several 'newcastle brown ales', so maybe it's cloudy .... here's what Iran might plan and what might happen: A few of the newest Russian and Chinese SAMs and radars, out for a test drive to gather data for Russia and China. A few of the newest Russian and Chinese radars to control Iranian Air force fighters. Russian or Chinese miltary publicly stationed at those radar or SAM sites (from another thread). Swarm boat attacks, Torpedoes, many mines, a sub or two. Swarms of anti-ship missiles. EMP at 10Kfeet to the south of Iran. Maybe over europe or eastern seaboard of US. Numerous well placed intel/military teams in place throughout Europe and US: Bridges, Dams, Power Plants, national landmarks/symbols, government/military facilities, large public gatherings. US forces are taken hostage. Western media are taken hostage. Nuclear blackmail attempted in western cities (taking cities as hostages). Truck or container ship nukes against populations in Iraq, Europe, US, Israel, Israel, Israel. Truck or SRBM at US troops/navy/airbases in Iraq, Kuwait, stans, or inside Iran. Paid agents/allies join in: Hamas full scale war. Hitzbollah full scale war. Syria full scale at Israel/Iraq. Iraq Shia's go nuts. Afghanistan and Pakistan have issues. China makes noise, and takes opportunity to build significant infrastructure in Spratleys. Russia makes noise, but counts oil revenue. International Socialist Workers Party and Media villify US for defending world against dedicated nation of wackos who would have nukes. Media support terrorists. Sunni's complain, but smile on the inside that the Shia are knocked down a peg. House of Saud gets more hookers and liquor to celebrate. Europe still wonders why US is not waiting for approval from France. Comedians tire of jokes about UN being lame and ineffectual at best. Iran military stands proud and fights, in vain. Insurgents attack first echelon mobile elements, in vain. US moves in to protect 'key oil sites' very early in campaign. US 'inspection and destruction teams' roam Iran, inspecting and destroying the 25 years of terrorism infrastructure, the mullocracy, military, and WMD infrastructure (especially personnel). Pre-planned insurgency starts in US rear. Insurgents cause US 'inspection and destruction teams' to have heavy escort. Eventually insurgents try to re-take control of Iran. Iran fighters and armories inside mosques are pounded (eg: Falluja). Mullocracy surprised when they fail to take over the west using the same means they used to take over lebanon. Mullocracy really pissed when there are no virgins in heaven, just fruit and olives (apparently a translation problem). And 'Tehran Tom' (like Bagdad Bob): "There are no american troops in Tehran!" US sighs after heavy losses, and sees that it has dismantled significant terrorism infrastructure. Where once there were several imminent threats, there are now many weaker $hithole$ that need patrolling. We bought 20-50 years to undo the meme that is Islam. Time to have pointed discussions with the Saudis, and to rebuild for China. Crystal ball is getting fuzzy again ... Time for more Newcastle
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CJH    RE:So What Is Iran Planning To Counter the Threat?   4/18/2006 9:27:10 AM
Maybe their agents will attack our banks' outsourcing operations in India.
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CJH    RE:So What Is Iran Planning To Counter the Threat?   4/18/2006 8:15:02 PM
"Cheapest i can get is 95 octane from Teso's approaching the $6:50 £2.80 mark." But how much of that $6.50 £2.80 is tax and how much is for fuel? It could be you are comparing apples and oranges.
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