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Subject: Time to Play Whack-a-Mullah? Or just Ahmie?
Nichevo    4/11/2006 2:03:11 AM
Might this be more effective? Either covert action-directe, or with Hellfires. The people might backlash under massive strikes but could they possibly regret Ahmie dropping dead? Make it look good, have his body found in bed with a dead girl or a live boy. Give him AIDS or bird flu or something. A drug overdose, a heart attack, an enraged husband or father. He looks like a sleazeball to me, who would bet he isn't dipping his wick where he oughtn't? From his behavior he could be syphillitic now. Is this crazy? I don't think so. I don't know which if any mullahs need the treatment (or whether any don't) but it would surely be something to try before war, no? And it might be welcomed. Either as an excuse for climbdown or a spur to the masses. Hey, shoot down his plane next time he overflies Baluchistan - or give the locals better SAMs ;> Considering we are, apparently, thinking nuclear, this seems positively humanitarian.
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Tommi Atkins    RE:Time to Play Whack-a-Mullah? Or just Ahmie?   4/12/2006 11:08:07 AM
Apart from that you just know that the hellfire would hit a group of disabled old ladies visiting a old archological site instead to the man himself.... If he died...even "Accidently" , he is a great & beloved saheed upon his death, and the regime goes on. Apart from doing a Iraq and physically occupying Tehran with armour, the only way for regime change in that country is from within. Since the regime is pretty much chosen by Allah himself, and the great evil is the West. Theyre actually very happy with their leaders.The few thousand intellectuals and dissidants are like a freckle on the face of the beleiving masses. The regime has brought them technological advances, almost to the level of the 1980's,it defies the Kuffer, glorifies the banner of Allah. Human rights? Theres no problem with human rights! If islamic law was being properly applied then these "Intellectuals" or Apostates would have repented or be dead. (Yeah sure some of them are...but they are apostates) This is the mindset of Iranians.
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sofa    RE:Time to Play Whack-a-Mullah? Or just Ahmie?   4/13/2006 6:24:36 AM
The problem isn't one man, or one small group. Iran has for 26 yeras been the hub of Islamist terrorism around the world. The country must be dismantled and re-educated. No occupation, but US boots must go through all sites. Goal is to end intel/military/mullocracy infrastruture, and replace it with smaller disfunctional units which are each inept and corrupt (consider Iraq); and thus incapable of posing a threat to the west again for at least 50-100 years. Anything short of total domination and removal of entire government and infrastructure leaves Iran ready to elect the next set of wingnuts, who will continue to fund and organize global islamist terrorism and build nukes in a deeper cave. "Let's Roll"
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