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Subject: a list of INVINCIBLE WEAPONS
eggfooyoung    4/4/2006 10:42:19 PM
since we now know that the iranians have completely caught the world by surprise by testing one invincible wonder weapon on a daily basis,i request the forum members to speculate and add to the list of the inventory.make a sincere effort.let ur imagination run wild-u never know how far they got in terms of tech..knw wat i mean.. here goes... 1.radar evading missile. 2.radar evading 285 kmph/hr torpedo. 3.flying boat which can fire missiles as it flies(also radar evading) tomorrows item:radar evading flying saucer? poison spewing sparrow(UAV)? bat-boy? long-range camel piss water jet? floating airplane that can release noxious fumes as it floats? continue the list....the right guess will win appreciation and an honorary title.
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AdvanceAustralia    RE:a list of INVINCIBLE WEAPONS   4/4/2006 11:08:31 PM
1. Landmine-proof children 2. Bullet-proof Revolutionary Guards 3. Abrams-proof tanks 4. F14s that can fly maintenance-free (and without spare parts) 5. MIRVs that can hit Israelis while avoiding Palestinians in the same building 6. Force fields that can prevent penetration by all known and future Western weapon systems 7. Invisible mullahs 8. Revolutionary Guards that can jump from 10,000 feet without parachutes 9. Naval divers that can eat their way through the hull of an aircraft carrier with their bare teeth 10. A sense of reality!!! Cheers,
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eggfooyoung    RE:a list of INVINCIBLE WEAPONS   4/5/2006 12:23:06 AM
1.a magic lamp when rubbed against the grand ayatollahs p***s will produce a genie that can evade radar and deliver missiles at precision speeds.
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mustavaris    RE:a list of INVINCIBLE WEAPONS   4/5/2006 12:31:42 AM
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swhitebull    RE:a list of INVINCIBLE WEAPONS   4/5/2006 6:40:01 AM
Special MumboJumbo Decoder Ring, that will interpret the Quran in any magical way via anti-thought waves that the Mullahs desire. Nato Designation: SFB (or Sh%t-for-brains) swhitebull
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eggfooyoung    RE:a list of INVINCIBLE WEAPONS:SWHITEBULL   4/5/2006 7:37:15 AM
you forgot to mention one very important piece of info.does it evade radar? ;-)
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Decimatus    RE:a list of INVINCIBLE WEAPONS   4/5/2006 7:48:44 AM
Cruise missile that explodes like a clusterbomb and each little bomblet homes in on an Infidel. And of course it evades radar.
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swhitebull    RE:a list of INVINCIBLE WEAPONS:SWHITEBULL   4/5/2006 10:58:26 AM forgot to mention one very important piece of info.does it evade radar? ;-) ... No, but since it is made out of aluminum (substitute for tin) foil shreads and strips, cut to varying lengths, it can also be used as chaff, thus has some evasive potential. Looks like a turban or diaper, to throw the infidels awry. As to Bat-Boy? Hands off - He's OURS!!! and OUR stealth weapon against the mullahcraps. swhitebull - may Mohammed and his followers be subjected to an infinite amount of post-menopausal dried-up virgins in their Paradise, that must STILL keep their burqa's on.
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Decimatus    RE:a list of INVINCIBLE WEAPONS:SWHITEBULL   4/5/2006 11:28:42 AM
You must wonder exactly how long 72 virgins will last anyway. Do they expect them to stay virgins forever or does the stock replenish itself after use?
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Darth Squirrel    RE:a list of INVINCIBLE WEAPONS:SWHITEBULL   4/5/2006 9:21:35 PM
Super-stealth radar-evading radar-tracking radar, and even if you could detect this radar with radar the radar is moving far too fast to use radar to stop the radar. And it cannot be detected by radar.
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AdvanceAustralia    RE:SWHITEBULL/DECIMATUS   4/5/2006 10:21:11 PM
Didn't you guys see the Danish cartoons? They've already run out of virgins! :) Cheers.
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