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Subject: Israel Vs. Iran
ArsenalOfDemocracy    3/3/2006 8:00:51 PM
Israel is a strong nation, But your probaly right that they would need our help to try stop Iran.But I think Iran is ran by religious insanists who thinks religion rules all. Iran is basically a repeat in time because the same thing happened with Rome 2,400 years ago because the Romans believed to much in christianity which caused them to become weak and to start civil wars. so i think the same thing will happen with Iranians.
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McDohl    RE:Israel Vs. Iran   3/3/2006 11:59:20 PM
I'm shure that with Americas help Iran would be put down,no problem there, but American forces are stretched out and the public is not to happy with the Bush Administration and it gets much more complicated things are going back to coldwar status with the Russians, they are giving aid to any country that will apose the US(like supporting Hamas the palestinian new government that is run by TERRORISTS!!!)I'm thinking that Russia wants to get its sphere of influence back in the middle east since it lost Iraq. Just look Afganistan, Iraq, and Syria are under the US thumb. Whats left is Iran and Palestine.Since Pakistan is considered an Allie of the Us allong with Israel and Saudi Arabia, but things look bad now in Saudi Arabia along with Egypt. So Russia would not want to loose Iran a valuable country to trade with, and at the same time keep Israel busy with Hamas.While it has its partner China backing it up.
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sofa    RE:Israel Vs. Iran - PLO map   3/6/2006 7:35:29 PM
If "Israel vs Iran", and Hamas 'flexes' as Iran ally: Does Israel 'expel' Hamas? Does the map end up just like PLO map, only it's 'Israel' and not 'Palestine'?
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Admiral Kirk    RE:Israel Vs. Iran - PLO map   3/6/2006 8:03:51 PM
Dont be too quick to just mop up Iran. Although relations with Russia are heading to the coldwar status, they will join Iran. Russia will not stay out of this one. They have too much to lose. Perhaps China as well. Which way will India go? If India aids the US, this will be one heck of a fight. In my opinion, this goes nuclear. Perhaps WW3 in the making. Admiral Kirk
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sofa    RE:Israel Vs. Iran - PLO map   3/6/2006 8:09:21 PM
Strong show now delays massive nuclear exchange a few more years. Spratleys = Oil to China. It's a business deal china can understand. Russia is harder, but European-Nato involvement in Iran puts Russia into a box. The consolation is hard cash while Iran,Iraq oil production is disrupted.
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McDohl    RE:Israel Vs. Iran - PLO map   3/8/2006 10:22:03 PM
Look lose the nukes seriously guys one nation uses them the rest will, what will likly happen is If Russia is going to help out Iran it would do it some other way that by helping them fight on the front lines. And if that happens there might be pressure from Europe on Russia, so the Russians could stop. Lets say now that there are a couple of attacks from Russia on Allied forces that means that Europe would get the call to attack Russia, and if that happens I no dubtly think that China will have something to do in this prob help the Russians in some way....I doubt India wants to get involved with this problem. India has good reletions with Russia and the US. I doubt Hamas would be much of a problem for Israiel but I might be wrong.
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Decimatus    RE:Israel Vs. Iran - PLO map~Kirk   4/3/2006 9:02:41 AM
Russia will do nothing of the sort. They will sit on the sidelines and piss and moan just as they did March 03. Russia has nothing to loose on this deal. The price of oil doubles and Iran will be back to buying russian weaponry within 10 years since they just had all their gear destroyed by smartbombs. And the US economy will take a decent hit from the oil surge. The only thing Russia needs to worry about is the fact that after Iran every first world nation is going to get deadly serious about switching from oil(mid-term). China is the one that really has something to loose, since they get their oil from Iran, not to mention their fragile economy being very dependant upon the price of oil. In the end, China and Russia will watch from the stands if the US and allies decide to cut Iran down a few notches.
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PARATROOP    RE:Israel Vs. Iran   5/9/2006 10:30:04 PM
There will be no civil war in iran...not anytime soon...
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Admiral Kirk    RE:Israel Vs. Iran - PLO map~decimatus   5/10/2006 8:14:27 PM
doubtful. I hope your right. Even today, Russia warning the US not to attack Iran. Russia too stands to lose a bunch if the US attacks Iran. From what I hear, plans are already in place. Perhaps just a matter of time before operations commence. Troops already on the ground in Iran too. Admiral Kirk
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Objectivist    RE:Israel Vs. Iran   5/10/2006 9:24:19 PM
Iran is not to be taken lightly - they are Persians, a true Arian Race with thousands of years of empires, politics etc. It's not just the latest FAB "Islam -clerks and so forth" that they adopted without foreign intervention. And when you talk war scale capabilities the Iranian people proved their skill and commitment to defend the land they lived in for thousands of years against the eight year war that was started by Saddam backed by the USA (As he did in Kuwait and was kicked out later by the US). N.B. its no secret that the US aided both Saddam against Iran and unfortunately terrorist Bin Laden & Qaeda against the communist Soviets & Afghans. Moreover, Israel is no winner when it comes to long term warfare, which was proved by their lack of stamina in fending of the resistance movements in Southern Lebanon. The tactic they used in suddenly withdrawing from the occupied lands left the faint hearted South Lebanese Army (SLA – pro Israel Lebanese Militia) fleeing to the extent that traffic jams were made on Israel's borders. The funny part of the matter is that all the arsenal, weapons, tanks – everything was left behind within four hours of the Israeli withdrawal. Guess who got to keep the spoils of war? Hezbollah!!! For Reason's sake that’s the worst action Israel has taken so far! So in short the odds are stacked against Israel, and US policies in the region will only worsen Israel's position.
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displacedjim    RE:Israel Vs. Iran - PLO map~decimatus   5/11/2006 9:10:30 AM
doubtful. I hope your right. Even today, Russia warning the US not to attack Iran. Russia too stands to lose a bunch if the US attacks Iran. From what I hear, plans are already in place. Perhaps just a matter of time before operations commence. Troops already on the ground in Iran too. Admiral Kirk ---- Do you mean *Russian* troops on the ground in Iran? Adm Kirk, you really need to stop wasting your time reading crap like or or whatever tinfoil morons send you their "news alerts" or whatever the heck is the source for these lamea$$ rumors you hear. Displacedjim
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