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Subject: a twist on the potential nuclear crisis regarding iran
thesecolorsdontrun    2/6/2006 11:11:56 AM
i am interested in everyone's opinions regarding the iran escalations. here is a big "what if" to consider. what if- russia and china fully supported the united states' stance on a nuclear iran. it seems that it would be a great step forward in the relations between russia and the usa and china and the usa. i realize that both russia and china have a vested interest in iran. but if they can be solved, we will potentially avoid a much bigger issue in the future. in the past decade or so, the relations between russia and the usa have certainly improved, but there is still alot of skepticism. i for one believe that the usa and russia will nver ever go to war with each other. it just makes no sense at all. if we can bring our beliefs closer together we may one day become true allies. i liked the idea which russia brought forth regarding russia doing the enrichment for iran, thus allowing iran to have nuclear energy for the people. fully support that. russia has had nuclear weapons for roughly 50 years and have never used them so i think they certainly can be trusted regarding that particular issue. as for china, there seems to be more and much talk of going to war with america. this is a no-win situation for them. i think they can better serve there country and people by trying to build up relations with the usa then trying to find a way to defeat them. it would certainly be a powerful alliance. i think the common enemy are the raticals. look at the response of the recent cartoon! bombing embassies.. are you kidding me. all over a cartoon. well i for one would not want to believe in a God which promotes such extreme beliefs regarding hurting people and killing people over a cartoon. i dont see much difference between that cartoon and burning flags. if these people want to burn american flags, so what. that is their opinion. doesnt mean i want to blow them up. i dont care. everyone should have the basic right to express their opinion. any thoughts on this???
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Admiral Kirk    RE:a twist on the potential nuclear crisis regarding iran   2/6/2006 7:43:45 PM
I hope this happens. Russia enriching uranium for Iran. I just hope Russia does not transfer this to Iran to make weapons. Russia is turning more into a dictatorship as time goes on. I would not be surprised to have communism be reinstated as the govt. Well, the US and China will probably never agree on anything. As far as the cartoon, well, I am not one to do things that would instagate hate towards me or anyone else. I definately understand freedom of the press, religon, etc., and I am all for it. I do believe there is a double standard here. It is ok for Islam folks to burn an American flag. But if America does something, its totally wrong and we should be blown up for it. And I say, HorseHockey. Some of those folks in the middle east are down right radical and fanatics. Period. They will do crimes against humanity because it is the will of their god. This is a bunch of nonsense. What ever happened to freedom? Admiral Kirk
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Darth Squirrel    RE:a twist on the potential nuclear crisis regarding iran   2/6/2006 7:55:54 PM
The amazing thing here is that Russia can live with itself after Beslan, do nothing about it, and continue on building a nuclear plant they are CERTAIN will be used to develop nuclear weapons. Russia also provided the technology for Iranian laser enrichment - advanced tech useful for mass-producing weapon-size quantities of uranium. They are being their usual duplicitous selves - they WANT the US to attack, they WANT Iran to strike all regional oil facilities, and then presto! - Russia is the world's most important oil-producer with hundreds of billions a year in profits and the ultimate strategic trump card to boot. It's as easy to figure out as yout opponent's next move in TIC TAC TOE - but no one dares do any reporting on it.
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PlatypusMaximus    RE:a twist on the potential nuclear crisis regarding iran   2/6/2006 10:54:17 PM
Russia, and possibly India, will want to be on board when US, Israel, UK, France and Germany seize Iran's oil fields.
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RockPicken    RE:a twist on the potential nuclear crisis regarding iran   2/7/2006 11:19:49 PM
<> France?? Because they missed out on Iraq? What would motivate them to Iran?
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PlatypusMaximus    RE:a twist on the potential nuclear crisis regarding iran   2/8/2006 12:30:29 AM
Flaming Cars
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