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Subject: The SiG II myth
Gothard    4/28/2005 6:43:30 PM
Theres a lot of photos and hype about the SiG II assault gun in North Africa. Basically it was a panzer II based chassis that was lengthened and had a 150mm infantry gun mounted in it. After checking it out its pretty clear that the dozen or sovehicles created were never used extensively in combat. The chassis was lengthened increasing the strain on the engine which tended to overheat even under mild conditions. this vehicle rarely got out of the repair shops and was never employed as a unit in a combat role. The greater weight of the gun and the ammunition totally overloaded the suspension and caused excessive wear and detracking. Although a really cool looking vehicle it should be treated as a failed prototype and not as a valid combat vehicle.
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Ghostrider    RE:The SiG II myth   12/19/2005 5:42:37 PM
Yes that is true Gothard, that the vehicle was unreliable, however I think if they were deployed to Russia instead, they could have been used more effectively for either Urban combat missions, or against static defensive positions. The 2 kompanies that they were in while in North Africa for anyone interested were the 707th & 708th sIG.Kp's they used a sIG 33/L11 gun. which was a "schwere" or Heavy infantry Gun.
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