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Subject: NATO stopping the ARM
Roffkaiser    6/25/2004 11:02:37 PM
I am wondering why NATO want Macedonia not to have combat Airplanes, but instead wants the ARM(Armed forces of the Republic of Macedonia)to use helicopters, why? It seems to me that it would be easy for a nation to excercise Air superiotrty over it follpwing the destruction of it's SU-25's(as if that wasn't already easy). NATO also wants Macedonia to shy away from tanks, and focus on infantry. All this seems to be aimed towards the war on terror, which Macedonia has already taken part in. The Wolves operating in Iraq have been responsible for the capture of 3 of Saddam's 50 most wanted, as well as finding weapon caches in the Sunni triangle. It would appear that the NATO force are planning to rely on younger nations in the war on terror. As units from the large militarys are withdrawn. Any comments on why NATO is trying to turn Macedonia into a country "made" to fight the battles of today? I don't think that Macedonia will even be able to defend itself from a bordering nation with this setup. And Macedonia isn't even a member of the alliance yet....
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chemist    RE:NATO stopping the ARM   6/26/2004 12:56:16 AM
""I don't think that Macedonia will even be able to defend itself from a bordering nation with this setup."" I think this is rather the point. The EU and NATO seems to be moving toward peace keeping forces rather than militaries built toward conquest or head-to-head conflicts. It goes toward the idea of a unified Europe to not have a military capable of offensive action against its neighbors.
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Roffkaiser    RE:NATO stopping the ARM   6/26/2004 2:31:48 AM
Thats all great, but with a civil war within the past 3 years, it needs to be able to defend it's self. Not to mention that it has Serbia on it's border, and they aren't know for being the most stable nation in the world. I see how NATO thinks this is a good idea, and it is working, the Wolves are a top notch special operations group and Macedonia sees them as their way into NATO. But, hypothetically(sp?) speaking what is to stop an armored push across South-east Europe? It seems to me like all those nations should focus on beefing up, what with being as close to the "Front lines" as any nation in NATO. By the way is Turkey in NATO?
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Big Bad Pariah    Macedonian Su-25s   9/16/2004 2:59:36 PM
"follpwing the destruction of it's SU-25's(as if that wasn't already easy)." - Roffkaiser When did this happen? Macedonia only purchased those aircraft from Ukraine in 2001.
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Roffkaiser    RE:Macedonian Su-25s   9/28/2004 12:56:50 AM
I wrote that before actually checking out a site on the Macedonian Airforce. The following site shows you a recent overview of their airforce and the SU-25's are included so i guess they are not to be dismantled.
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