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Subject: How many steps or paces are in one Klik?    6/18/2002 11:42:33 AM
Thanks to your site I now know what a Klik is, but I am wondering now how to figure "Kliks" when trekking through the woods. Is is just guess work or are there a certain number of steps in each klik?
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Pete S    RE:How many steps or paces are in one Klik?   6/18/2002 7:50:17 PM
Measure off 100 meters, then count the number of paces it takes you to walk the 100 meters at your normal walking pace, then multiply by 10. Since each person has a different stride, the count will be different. For pacing distances, use some sort of counting device (pebbles in a pocket, knots in a string, etc) to indicate each 100 meters. This is easier than trying to remember the distance.
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Varangian    RE:How many steps or paces are in one Klik?   8/22/2003 11:07:38 AM
This is an older post, for sure, but it's simple math. A meter is 39.37 inches. A klick, or "K", (Kilometer) is 1,000 meters. Simply determine your own pace length, and divide into the the the klick, to determine how many normal paces equals a klick on level ground. This information is vital to know, especially when patrolling at night, in woods or overcast skies. It is necessary to acknowledge the pace difference when climbing or descending terrain.
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