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Subject: Your Dream War Movie
jastayme3    8/26/2007 5:21:04 PM
Why not? No one is satisfied with the selection available. So work off your frustration: give the title and plot summary of your dream war movie.
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longrifle       8/26/2007 10:39:20 PM
Last of the Mohicans comes close.  Of course, from a historical perspective it deviated somewhat from what really happened at the fall of Fort William Henry but overall it wasn't too bad. 

So for a new film I'd like to see something else set in Colonial America with a French and Indian or Revolutionary War theme.  Perhaps the battles of  Kings  Mountain or Cowpens. 

Last of the Mohicans and The Patriot were well received, so the idea ought to work again.

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boris the romanian       8/26/2007 11:13:28 PM
If talking about Revolutionary America then a film about Major Ferguson's exploits would be cool. I'd reckon the incident where he had a clear shot at Washington would make for a pretty good scene.
I'm a big Last of the Mohicans fan. The movie is a lot truer to the book than it is to history, though
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theBird       8/27/2007 1:05:29 AM
I'd like to see one about the Sino-Soviet War, could have some interesting possibilities
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SCisback       8/27/2007 1:44:58 AM
A major movie on HMAS YARRA II would be good to see.
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Herald1234    A Movie about Montcalm versus Wolf   8/27/2007 1:50:22 AM
The taking of Canada has never been done justice. 
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stingray1003       8/27/2007 2:33:05 AM
Indonesia verse Australia over PNG.
 But not a direct all out war. More like a limited conflict with bothsides playing it on the low.
 As a plot, two specialists. One Indonesian, one Australian, lead, perform most of the action for each others countries. Climaxing with a one on one battle somewhere specutacular, like aryes rock in a thunderstorm, or on some remote PNG snow capped mountain or volcano, with PNG locals taking shots at both of them.
 No clear winner emerges, with both thinking the other was killed. Setting it up for a all out sequel in which the Chinese interfer and try to take everyone down which then later has the US and the Russains playing there own shadowy game outside of the ring.
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jastayme3       8/27/2007 2:45:35 AM
Queen of Cities: Espionage in Istanbul during the war. Kinda like Casablanca. The Lonely Riders: A unit of Polish Cavalrymen in World War II fighting for the lost causes of the liberation of Poland and the eccentric defiance of technological warfare. Gives a glimpse into a part of World War II not captured before in cinema. Sean Connery would play the commander of the Polish Cavalrymen. The hero would be an American liason(you have to have an American hero for the sake of American audiances).
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EddieV       8/27/2007 3:01:37 AM
Red Storm Rising.  I don't think one movie would be enough, but one can dream.
I'd also love to see an Alien invasion movie with more military action and less bs.  I loved the hill scene in War of the Worlds, and I'd love to see a movie with more of that.
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Bigfella2       8/27/2007 3:23:26 AM
I'd love to see some decent movies about WW2 in the East. There have been virtually no English language films on the subject, and even the German or Russian ones are hard to get.
A few possibilities:
*The Russo-Finnish War from the Finnish side: The battles on the long eastern border could be done very well - with fast-moving Finnish ski troops breaking up Russian columns & destroying them piecemeal. Some potentially great night scenes with Finnish troops in the shadows & explosions going off behind Russian lines.
*The battle of Khalkin-Gol: Tanks, mounted troops, dogfights in the air & the possibility of a great final scene with Japanese officers drawing swords & charging Russian tanks (it may not have actually happened, but it easily could have).
*Kursk: some great 'mounting tension' scenes bafore the battle kicks off & then a combination of hard infantry fighting against entrenchments & huge tank battles. Needs a great cinematographer.
*Amphibious ops: something like the crossing of the Dnieper or the assault on the Kerch Penninsula.   
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GOP       8/27/2007 5:13:45 AM

I'm a big SOF fan, so a few possibilities I like:

*Operation Anaconda, in particular the Neil Roberts incident/Takur Ghar. With a focus on Mako 30 and Mako 21, The Ranger QRF, and the SASR unit that did such an outstanding job. Obviously probably not going to happen because most people don't care about such things, but I think it's an awesome potential movie.

*A movie about the book "Lone Survivor". That seems to me to be an absolutely awesome book-to-movie setup, as it has all the right ingredients (including being a completely true story)

*Bravo Two Zero. 'Nuff said. Except which of the dozens of accounts to write about.


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