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Subject: Turkey vs. Greece who better?
Irish Emo dudes    1/4/2007 7:32:39 PM
Greece spends 7 billion on their military and has american weapondry turkey spends 12 billion and also has american weapondry both used f-16's but turkey has ordered 100 f-35's not sure what greece is getting i think eurofighters...whose better militarily and who would win in a war (two different questions) and another thing i would like to know who is better trained?
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Xoltan    Obvious Result   3/30/2010 10:56:41 AM

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taximdriver       4/17/2010 6:05:06 AM
 Lets compare the countries as A an B
                                                                        A                  B
Population                                                 11 million      72 million
GDP                                                          300 bl$         750 bl$
Foreign Debt                                              400 bl$        200 bl$
soldiers                                                      180.000       650.000
reserve soldiers                                          1.5 million     14 million
local defence indusrty ratio in procurements  % 26            % 60   
defence industry export                               120 ml$        1500 ml$
defence industry income                              280 ml$         3200 ml$
defence budget                                           5.6bl$           11bl$
oil reserves                                                 2.3 ml GL      36 mlGl
Money reserves                                          30 bl $           108 bl$
According to these numbers B would easily win a real term of battle. But if the war would be a few days hit and run type then it depends on situation. In the case of a short term battle there would be no winner and  both would be losers beacause of gaining nothing and damaging eachother
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taximdriver       4/17/2010 6:45:03 AM
After reading forum ý ve noticed that Turkey would acpuire F-35 planes. Then I wanted to make some additions to my previous message. In my previous messages, ý gave numbers and concluded that Turkey would be the winner of long term battler and it would be stalemate if the battle would be a few days clash. But if it is true that Turkey will acqiure more than 100 F-35 and Greece will not respond it, Turkey would also be the winner of a short term battle in % 99 of conditions. All Greece air forces will be eliminated in first two days by these planes. No one can fight with something that can not be seen
and Greece doesnt have any system to detect or defuse these planes. After the elimination of Greek airforcces, Greek Navy will be a fishing adventure for F-35 in the second wave of assaults. Tukey's land forces are already much more superior then Greek's land forces, and after the elimination of hellenic air forces this superiority will double itself.
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Xoltan       5/1/2010 6:39:46 PM
According to CIA Factbook 2009 and independent organizations such as, Turkey's military strength is by far superior.While Turkey is listed as Category 1 country (10th place), Greece could only make it to Category 3 (22nd place)
Apart from military strength the gold reserve comparisons between two countries shows dramatic difference in Turkey's favor.
Turkey:  $76,510,000,000
Greece:   $3,658,000,000
That is 25 times bigger war economy purchasing power for those who are not good with numbers. In peace time the purchasing power ratio is 1/3 in Turkey's favor again.
Turkey: $853,900,000,000
Greece: $327,600,000,000
No wishful  scenarios, just facts. Money talks bullshit walks.. No war can be won without money. Now that being said let's talk about this stalemate scenarios. I have spent quiet a few hours to read almost every message in this thread and I've noticed quiet a few messages with "stalemate" ideas. According to this stalemate scenario a possible war between Greece and Turkey would not last more than few days and eventually (and hopefully!!) with the help of EU there will be a cease fire with some damages done by both parties. I really wonder if there are still some optimists left, who think that EU will back up Greece before the whole country is completely destroyed. They don't even want to give their tax payers money to save Greece from bankrupcy, let alone their tax payers and/or soldiers lifes for Greece. Take these last economical incidents and EU's invaluable help(!) as a wake up call to yourselves. Each and every country is on their own and accountable for their actions. Let's hope that there will be no wars between these two countries but if it happens I can assure you that it won't be a stalemate and it won't finish earlier than minimum 1 year. The military purchasing competition was the downfall of Greece even without a war, yet the Turksh Military still growing without being a major weight on their shoulders. . Greece even had to cancel their Independence Day celebrations for the first time in the history just to save 7 million dollars. How can you war a regional superpower when you can't even afford to celebrate the day of your Independence?
And for your information, I'm not a Turk, not even close. I was searching for IMF-Euro-Greece crisis news (since it is MY money you guys are asking for to save your lazy bums) and I have seen these military comparisons by coincidence. Please guys, nobody will fight for you, nobody will give you money if you want to fight some other countries. Try and get along with Turkey and your other neighbours such as Macedonia. We might give you some money to buy bread and that's it. Do not waste our resources for your desperate acts of hostility. It is a war you can't win so please stop spending.
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77tekin       6/6/2010 5:00:18 AM
i am Turkish and i like greek people... remember good friedship starts with fight.. 
we are two countries that are similar to eachother. we should be more close to eachother.
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77tekin       6/6/2010 5:13:06 AM
i am Turkish and i like greek people... remember good friedship starts with fight.. 
we are two countries that are similar to eachother. we should be more close to eachother.
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AThousandYoung       6/7/2010 12:09:18 AM
I'm surprised this is even a question.  I thought the Turkish military was huge.  They control the Dardanelles too.
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AlexanderTheGreat       6/23/2010 11:58:04 AM

The outcome of a war between Hellas and Turkey is relative to many reasons more than just numbers a factor i saw mentioned many times in this forum especially from my Turkish friends.

First of all let me to give a small intro for myself i am Officer of the Hellenic Armed Forces and allow to me to have a good view for the situation in Aegean Balkans and the Eastern Med Sea.

First of all i don?t think that Turkey has anything to earn from a conflict to Hellas for many reasons Turkey knows that and i don?t think it?s going to make anything more than threaten and pressing our non very patriotic politicians (sad) and testing the tolerance of the Hellenic public opinion which for sure does not want a war with anyone but to live in peace with everyone in one condition ofcource the both side respect Hellenes will never accept any territorial clame of an kind from Turkey or anyone else.



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AlexanderTheGreat       6/23/2010 2:55:10 PM

I didn?t notice your thread at first site...

Even if you are not a Turk you are enemy of Hellas for sure Monkeydonian maybe

Look little pal the economic crisis in Hellas as an event is not so significant as you think and we will solve it very soon you can count on it. As far as concern the economic "help" Hellas asked this is considered as a part of the entire plan of reconstruction and action of the E.U as a whole in order to stabilize the Euro which is the main target of the crisis started in Hellas and guided from U.S (your good friends) through Goldman Sachs Soros and other sionistic new world order pigs.

Hellas was is and will in the future be the living cultural heartbeat of the world and a dominand power in Eastern Med Seas Balcans and  Asia Minor even you wanted or not as a Hellene and Soldier i can guaranteed this !



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HELLAS    About Hellas (Greece) debt   6/29/2010 10:50:05 AM
Anyone of you who thinks that we are a lazy nation that rely on foreign help, please look at this link:

and find the rank of your country in the list in any way sorted (absolute value, per capita or percentage).

Then if you still think Greeks are lazy and beggars, consider what that makes YOU!


P.S. Everything is financial games for certain bankers to make more money dont get overexcited by news your goverments WANT you to know, search the internet and use your personal judgement dont become sheeps to incapable sheperds.
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