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Subject: First World...5th world country?
Mex101    3/30/2006 3:38:46 PM
I have heard of a fourth world City, I know of First and Third world. But that Leaves me with this question. How many categories are there? and what does a nation has to have or has to have a lack of to qualify as a certain category? "To the Escape Pod! I REGRET NOTHING!!"
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Heorot    RE:Ranking - The original definition   4/1/2006 10:48:00 AM
GV is almost right. The original definitions coined after WW2 were: 1st world) Western Developed Countries: USA, Western and Northern Europe, Canada, Oz and NZ,and their affiliate countries. 2nd world) Former Soviet Block and their affiliate countries. 3rd world) The rest.
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Mex101    RE:First World...5th world country?   4/4/2006 3:41:07 PM Nice to see mexico is light green, it gives me a worm fuzzy feeling inside... "To the Escape Pod! I REGRET NOTHING!!"
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Mex101    RE:First World...5th world country?   4/4/2006 3:46:06 PM
forgot to add this one scroll down to OTHER CASES you'll find Mexico "To the Escape Pod! I REGRET NOTHING!!"
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mithradates    RE:First World...5th world country?   4/8/2006 1:20:53 AM
Here is my understanding: 1. First world: Western Industrialized states led by U.S 2. Second World: Communist states lead by USSR 3. Third World: All other un-industrialized states 4. Fourth World: States that are in process of being dissolved internally.
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wrathofachilles    RE:First World...5th world country?   4/8/2006 1:15:56 PM
1st World: Advanced Industrialized countries: USA and Canada, Western & Northern Europe, Japan, Australia and NZ, plus new additions like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea 2nd World: Eastern Europe and most of the former USSR, China, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Arab Gulf States (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and Oman), also the main countries of SE Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia) 3rd World: the rest of the Arab world, the Indian subcontinent, most of Africa and South America 4th World: Undeveloped countries with bleak prospects: Afghanistan, Cambodia, Burma, Haiti, parts of Africa. Also failed and collapsed states, like Somalia and Congo.
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Mex101    RE:First World...5th world country?   4/8/2006 2:46:34 PM
I hear poeple refer to the 2nd world as the third world, is that out of ignorance or is it just better to say third and first to avoid confusion? "To the Escape Pod! I REGERT NOTHING!!"
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juve       10/30/2006 9:12:16 AM
Sorry just came about this discussion today
I actually took gr. 12 World Issues and we discussed the different categories...there are 5...
1st world - developed countries
2nd world - developing countries; on the developing road, close to becoming developed
3rd world  - underdeveloped countries; just beginning the process of developing
4th and 5th world - only a few, but these countries have not even looked at developing yet. If I remember correctly there is only 2-3 countries in this category...
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lascupa0788       4/19/2010 2:56:32 PM
1, Highly developed. (U.K.) 2, Developed. (Egypt) 3, Barely developed (Cameroon) 4, Undeveloped. (The Cheyanne) 5, Tiny, and Barely Developed. (Westarctica) 6, Likely to soon fail. (Scientopia) 7, Purely Virtual. (Dragoonia) 
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