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Subject: Ranking of the Strongest Militaries in the Middle East
InterArmaEnimSilent    1/20/2006 11:04:01 AM
With all this talk about another War in the Middle East I just would like your opinion on the strength of Middle Eastern Militaries. This will include everything. From Air Forces, modern technology, amount of reserves, armored formations, force projection, naval and aerial power, training, special forces, etc. In my view, 1 - Israel 2 - Turkey 3 - Egypt 4 - Saudi Arabia 5 - Jordan 6 - Oman 7 - Iran 8 - UAE 9 - Syria 10 - Kuwait Thoughts, Comments, Suggestions, Analysis, Welcome
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the British Lion       9/9/2008 11:18:04 PM

well first off all, turkey is not in the middle east, and turkey has the 2nd strongest army in NATO ( thats what wikipedia says), so it makes turkey has the 2nd strongest army in the world, well they have 1,4 millions active soldiers, and also turkey has 4th strongest air foce, and 5th strongest naval force... so lets talk about middle east

Citation needed
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DGreat1       9/12/2008 12:53:18 PM
Iran should be rated higher and some people do consider Pakistan a Middle Eastern power.
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khaledking2100    Ranking of the Strongest Militaries in the Middle East   9/12/2008 9:29:05 PM
I Don't Think That Israel can use Their Nukes Because They will Heart Themselves when using them.. so i will consider that they won't use them...
The Ranking Will Be :
1- Egypt
2- Iran
3- Israel
4- Sariya 
5- Saudi Arabia
6-  UAE
7-  You can Sort The Rest As You Link then....
But Remember That Egypt Have The Best Special Forces in The World .. You Can Read about it on The Internet...

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Claymore       9/13/2008 1:00:55 AM
You must be Egyptian
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mavia       7/7/2009 2:34:32 AM
in my opinion
1- israel
2- egypt - turkey
3- iran
4- saui arabia
5- UAE
6- syria
7- jordan
isreal have the biggist air army in middle east  after that egypt then turkey
israel  6 500 000
trukey   72 000 000
egypt 82 000 000
troops all have huge troops with well trained
all buy - and develop , and make weapons
israel ( nuke - chem - bio) weapons
turkey - egypt ( chemical - biology ) weapons
in wars
turkey so far from egypt and israel so it wont be war with turkey
in my opinion without using full distructions weapons
who will start the war and the other unreadey will win
about syria and jordan they debends on tanks and troops  without developing
saudi - UAE buy wepons
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bundes55       8/7/2009 6:10:25 PM
I was searching google until this website pops up infront of my search results , guys its all non sense??
it's much more complex than only mentioning countries and armies!
-Israel - Nukes - What are they gona be using it against? they are gona die if use it near by ! so whats the freakin point?
-Iran - if they get the nukes they are gona be #1, no doubt.
Egypt  ell experienced in warfare, but not that powerful , but i think they have shown the world how to fight, so if they do it agagin with israel i think it will be 50-50 win.
-Saudi Arabia - Now guys here is the trek about Saudi-They are a G20 Member Country so they are not only a middle eastern economic power but a World Economic power. they are the founders and an active member in the GCC countries and they signed adefense treaty together. so practically if any country attack a GCC country , the rest of the GCC members will defend it, by any how.
Saudi Arabia hosts 2 holy cities for muslims and they count for 2 Billion people , so imaghine israel attacking saudi arabia, then not only will be facing an economic power and a moder technological well equipped army , but also will face 2billion suicide bombers who would earse the israeli army. atlast they are also a member of the arabian peninsula shield. which is an army joinnt venture!
so i would rank the militaries of the middle east as follows:
1- Iran
2-Israel - Egypt - Saudi Arabia , and i must say that Saudi Arabia better than egypt
 all know the results of Hizbollah and Israel , israel failed big timne
we all know USA VS Vietname ..ofcourse failed Big Big time
In the end you never ever know , coz there are soo many factors involved , not only machines and armies...
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Miltiary freek       9/22/2009 5:56:32 AM
I say THE TOP 10 STRONGEST miltiraies in the middle east are
1 Egypt
2 Turkey
3 Iran
4 Isreal
5 Syria 6 Jordan 7 Algeria 8 Saudi arbia 9 Kwuiat 10 United emirates
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Sam2    Ranking   10/2/2009 4:32:52 PM
How could tiny and poor Jordan and Oman have stronger militaries than Iran? That is very doubtful. Iran's
economy,population and technological ability are far greater than the other 2.
In my opinion- the rankings shoud be as follows:  1-Israel  2-Turkey  3-Iran  4-Egypt 5-Saudi Ararbia   6-10 the others
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Avi    I don't think so.   10/12/2009 9:55:23 AM
1- Turkey
2- Israel
and leave the rest unchanged ;)
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Avi    I don't think so.   10/12/2009 10:06:16 AM
Egypt? that really makes me lough.
When it comes to military power ,all Arab countries without exception should shut up and sit aside ,they had their asses kicked counless times .
The only competition to Israel in the middle east would be Turkey.
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