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Subject: What if the USA vs. European Union, Russia, and China?
Republican    12/14/2005 7:28:36 PM
If the USA went to war with the European Union, Russia, and China for whatever reason. The USA had the new F-22s, and F-35s built, the USS George H.W. Bush aircraft carrier, and more M1A2 Abrams, could the USA win? If not, what point would the USA start to lose?
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ArtyEngineer    RE:What if the USA vs. European Union, Russia, and China?   12/14/2005 7:55:41 PM
Please no, this has been done to death so many times, someone dig up a link to the last time this has been discussed so we wont have to go through it all again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Alexis    If you want to do that again, please offer a precise scenario   12/15/2005 5:59:30 AM
Hello, I'm one of the posters who participate in very low probability / very heated scenarios. And with delight at that ! To follow on ArtyEngineer remark, if you want to start what will be a new thread, you have to give a new and precise scenario : - What are the respective objectives of the two alliances ? - Who start the hostilities ? - When do you plan this conflict to happen ? - What "political mutations" does your scenario presuppose ? By political mutations I mean such things as the transformation of Germany from Weimar Republic into Nazi Third Reich. There has to be such things for your scenario to have any interest, otherwise it's pretty obvious such a war never could happen.
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Parmenion       12/9/2008 4:40:15 PM

The US would probably start to fail at about the point war was declared onwards.

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JFKY    The Aliens   12/9/2008 5:25:51 PM
Will end it...
Please treat this thread as the joke it is...
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lurker       12/10/2008 12:05:28 AM
Seeing as none of those countries (and economic unions) have the logistical capability the US has, I'd say it is a stalemate (without the use of nuclear weapons of course), with the US unable to destroy them all, and the others unable to invade the US
... we'd probably cause lots of infrastructural damage in China and Russia though... maybe in parts of the EU as well. At least if Canada and Mexico is on our side... if not we are screwed.
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bennywombat       12/15/2008 8:26:57 PM
well even if this thread has been done to death who really cares!!!!
it's still a fascinating thread.
my 2cents
i think it would definately bring an end to american domination of the globe.
because realisticly with the combined troop power of china and russia, the air power of france/uk/ russia not to mention that france spain and the united kingdom all have aircraft carriers.
but i agree with earlier comments that all these "allies" don't have enough amphibious muscle like the americans do so they would have to draw the americans into a d-day type operation, probably.
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ArtyEngineer       12/16/2008 1:01:21 AM

Will end it...


Please treat this thread as the joke it is...

Aliens!!!!!  You're crazy!!!!  Surely its more likely that the Subterranean Mole Men will sieze upon this time of chaos and confusion on the surface to emerge from their vast secret underground domain and establish dominance over the surface dwellers :)
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EddieV       12/16/2008 10:40:28 PM
 Where do they fight?  What do you consider a win?  If in order to win, either side has to conquer the other, I don't think any can do it? The USA would become an inexpugnable Fort America, sinking any vessel they find on both oceans, and they would never even try to invade the other parties.
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Parmenion    RE: What if the USA vs. European Union, Russia and China?   1/17/2009 6:05:20 PM
Despite being crazy this thread is quite interesting. I don't think we can rule out the US attempting a massive pre-emptive strike, let's not forget after all how crazy they would need to be to start this war in the first place- and it would be the US starting it, because Russia, the EU and China just suddenly decidng to team up and take on a military superpower is just dumb. The US picks Europe not China- no way they pick the multi-million man army that's kicked their ass out of korea and Taiwan over the "cheese eating surrender monkeys".
But in this fight the US can't actually rely on those two things. In aircraft the EU outnumbers whatever the US can send and take with them- and has all the local advantages. At sea the Europeans have numerical superiority and the leadership of the French and British who know what they're doing- and could probably cripple spread-out and isolated US Carrier groups at the start of the war, before they can link up, or in later lightning strikes and suicide missions, so badly that a D-Day style landing is impossible. Even if the US got to land, within a week they'll not only be facing increasingly spirited EU defense, but all the joys of Mother Russia coming to visit.
As for a "Fortress USA" -only if the Chinese, Russians and Europeans don't want to invade badly enough. If these forces have a WW2 level of resolve, then they'll cut of all US trade (more than half of it is with them anyway), in fact that's gonna happen by week two anyway. America has signifiacnt resources and Canada and Mexico could be raided for extras- these peoples have been living in the shadow of America for so long there will be little resistance. South America would be like Vietnam on crack for the US, and they're not that stupid. But eventually the US will run out of oil and men, and the freedom-loving American people are going to start rising up and down the country. This will conincide nicely with the fleet and airforce the chinese, with EU and Russian technology, will have just finished building and training to totally and permentantly crush the United States. The EU might help out, New England isn't exactly going to put up much of a fight, though I doubt even the British army would try going into the Bronx. Simply put, the EU and china massivley outnumber and outbuy the US- and will have all the allies. The result is truly terrifying- a bloody invasion from sea to shining sea and a sino-dominated world. Lucky it'll never happen then. That's just my opinion, anyways.
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ADAgrendel    Stalemate   1/17/2009 11:47:40 PM
No one can win this war. The U.S. does not have the man-power to invade and the Opposition doesn't have the sea power/air power to get to the U.S. First off the U.K will almost certainly either by our Allies or Neutral. Japan and the Aussies  and Indians would be the same way. Since this means that the four or five of the best navies in world are not hostile then there is no way that anyone can get to the U.S. Our Navy would have a 50/50 chance against the rest of the world's navies combined; take Japan, Australia, India and most likely Britain out and the still deteriorating Russian navy, brown-water Chinese navy and the remnants of Europe's navies and the U.S. is way out in front.
Air Power would be a somewhat different story. True the Opposition would have numbers, but aside from Russia no one else has long-range bombers and the tankers to help people get out to the Continental U.S. for an air strike. Meanwhile the USAF does have long-range strike capability and would be systematically hammering shipyards, manufacturing plants, and any other strategic target with assistance from the SSGNs that we have. And we have stealth so we might even be able to get some B-2s/F-35s close enough to use JDAMs instead of cruise-missiles. Outside of Russia nobody else really has the Air Defense net to stop a concentrated cruise missile attack. And if we get a carrier close enough to throw some EW support in behind things will get nasty.
The Opposition does have the economic advantage though. The have interior lines of communication and can move troops and aircraft from side to side quicker that the US can move Amphib groups. But the Middle East would have all their oil go to the Opposition and they could trade amongst themselves. The US would still have India, Japan and Korea, but getting ships to those locations would be very problematic. The US would take over the Mexican and Venezuelan oilfields and we would finally get drilling of our oil and nuke-power plants which would probably get us enough energy to fight through.
If Europe wants to invade they can try but in the face of any good US opposition it would be hard. Vets make up a pretty decent percent of the population and coupled with enough good-old boys armed with good weapons and all the Stingers and Javelins they can use no invasion can work that well. Red Dawn is just a little too implausible. So the ultimate result is a stalemate. The US can't invade and neither can anyone invade the US. The EU would probably break away from everyone else and declare a ceasefire and restore trade with the US and slowly Russia or China would face internal problems from restive populations. Remember the US would be trying to get SF teams with weapons to Tibet and the Islamic groups in both Russia and China.
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