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Subject: France is a relatively weak military power.
Nappy    6/23/2005 5:02:28 PM
France is a relatively weak military power in terms of the world. It has neither logisitcal nor economic capability to invade none other then it's neighbors (possibly a land invasion of England included). What do I mean by invasion? Ability to completely invade,dominate, and ultimately totally control (not like the "green zone" areas and chaos we see in Iraq). Germany is a possiblity but their armaments production capability is far higher then France. Spain is also a possiblity, but to be frank not possible due to the terrain(Pyrnees), and capability of the Spanish airforce (they have a significant airforce believe it or not, in fact with a budget of 8 billion annually just for the airforce.) England is a possiblity also, the French navy is significantly inferior to the English navy but it's possible to perhaps make a surprise landing. As far as comparing France to say an India. This is ludicrous. If India wishes, (this will NEVER happen) she could invade Russia and take Moscow (without Nuclear weapons of course), this could be done fairly easily by India (perhaps with a loss of 20-30 million Indians), Indians frankly pump out more and better qualified engineers, chemist then say France and Russia combined as per the DOW chemical company R&D report in 2004, and have a better capacity to utilize these resources, the Indian economy is much bigger in production capability then say a France or Russia (as output by ODM per operating cost). Finally, I just don't believe France has the "willpower" to do anything like an invasion. It's people are too inclined to luxuries and other wasteful and decadent excess that they will rather surrender or bargain with another power rather then fight. I do not mean to offend or upset anyone (in fact this is a complement to the highly developed social paradise setup by the French people) but the realities are that in a war France would probably roll over.
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Herc the Merc    RE:France is a relatively weak military power.   6/23/2005 5:23:48 PM
Bluewings is going to burn your toast.
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Nappy    RE:France is a relatively weak military power.   6/23/2005 5:31:52 PM
-Bluewings is going to burn your toast. Never liked french toast anyway.
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svaba    RE:France is a relatively weak military power.   6/23/2005 5:34:32 PM
Oh come on stop posting this things because you have about 10 active all ready.
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Jodhpur    RE:France is a relatively weak military power.   6/23/2005 5:46:02 PM
"but the realities are that in a war France would probably roll over." --------------------------------------- You post made me laugh in expectation of the dressing you'll get from our liesse sporting posters. But you could benefit from an broader education- do you form your worldview based on 2-minute soundbytes? Flattered as I am about India's supposed prowess, you choice of moniker suggests a troll. However, I will, in the interests of originality, refrain from an "nappy"-related putdowns to send you along your way.
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jlb    RE:France is a relatively weak military power.   6/23/2005 7:06:26 PM
Just why would France want to be a strong military power in the way you mean it? The closest thing to a credible land threat is Russia. I don't see Russia attacking anybody westward anytime soon, and in any case should they try it, the combined forces of the European NATO members would be plenty enough to send them back eastward. That said, I'd be mighty interested in how you expect India to conquer Russia?
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displacedjim    RE:France is a relatively weak military power.   6/23/2005 8:01:38 PM
"Never liked french toast anyway." -- Nappy ---- Perhaps you didn't get the memo: that's "freedom toast." Displacedjim
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Godofgamblers    moratorium?   6/23/2005 8:09:45 PM
i agree with jodhpur; can we just annonce a moratorium on french trolling posts for a few days?
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french stratege    RE:moratorium?   6/23/2005 8:17:27 PM
Maybe sysop could open a special thread: French bashing and trolling. Whith such topic like is France stronguer than Lichenstein, is Rafale better than a F4, are French more cowards under Napoleon than in WW1 etc.. I would avoid us to lose time and to polute this armed forces of the world. A competition could be organised to elect the greatest troll on this forum.
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Godofgamblers    RE:moratorium?   6/23/2005 8:52:03 PM
LOL! good idea, FS! i second the motion! make the prize a skateboard or something; some of the trolls are still in their teens, i think.
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dudley    RE:moratorium?   6/24/2005 2:00:58 AM
french military victories Your search - french military victories - did not match any documents. Suggestions:. - Make sure all words are spelled correctly. - Try different keywords. ...
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