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Subject: Help -The Hallstein Doctrine
Nemesis1    5/18/2005 7:09:36 AM
Ive got some university exams next week and one of the topics im revising for is German unification. I know the why the Hallstein doctrine was abandoned, the success and failures of Ostpolitik, important external factors that were important in the collapse of the GDR (e.g. declining Soviet economic power) but what i am struggling to find detailed information on are the successes and weaknesses of the Hallstein doctrine. Im ok on the failures which are fairly obvious but does anyone have any idea on the successes. All ive found is stuff on locked Germany into West for security and econ0omic stuff about propserity any help would be appreciated Cheers Nemesis
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gf0012-aust    RE:Help -The Hallstein Doctrine   5/18/2005 7:19:37 AM
an indirect reference point may be the following: I received this one today, so I haven't had time to check it out or read the book. (This is from the Parallel History Project) A CARDBOARD CASTLE? AN INSIDE HISTORY OF THE WARSAW PACT, 1955-1991 The PHP is proud to alert you to the recently published comprehensive Warsaw Pact documentary A Cardboard Castle? An Inside History of the Warsaw Pact, 1955- 1991, ed. Vojtech Mastny and Malcolm Byrne (Budapest: CEU Press, 2005). The volume, the product of the PHP's multi-year research effort aimed at bringing together formerly secret records from the archives of the member states of the Soviet-led Cold War alliance, assembles 193 documents in English translation. Top-level communications between the Warsaw Pact leaders, verbatim transcripts of multilateral summit meetings, and lively discussions inside the various party politburos are among the many previously unavailable materials in the collection. Topics covered in depth include: · The evolution of the pact from stage prop to full-fledged military alliance; · The surprisingly dynamic relations between Moscow and the other capitals of the "fraternal countries," particularly during times of crisis when the Kremlin was pulled in different directions by allies espousing more aggressive or cautious points of view; · The upheavals in Eastern Europe in 1953, 1956, 1968 and 1980-81; · The turmoil - this time induced by the Soviet leadership itself - of the late 1980s, which led to the virtually simultaneous vanishing of the Cold War and the Eastern alliance. In addition to the CEU Press volume, the PHP offers on its website all documents in their original language and in their entirety. Please navigate the collection, the book preface, and the table of contents at cheers!
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mustavaris    RE:Help -The Hallstein Doctrine   5/18/2005 7:25:45 AM
Get this book if you have an access to good library or can afford it (and can read German): DUNCKER & HUMBLOT: Die Hallstein-Doktrin. Der diplomatische Krieg zwischen der BRD und der DDR 1955-1973. ISBN: 3-428-10371-8 I dont know if it has been translated, but this should be useful, but not very fast reading... Cheers.
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dummnutzer    RE:Help -The Hallstein Doctrine   5/18/2005 9:14:31 PM
If the book is a little bit long at 400+ pages, there is an online version of several East German propaganda booklets at (in German, sorry)
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Nemesis1    RE:Help -The Hallstein Doctrine   5/20/2005 2:53:51 PM
Afraid I don't read German, mainly trying to find information on how the policy can be perceived to be a success or a failure Many Thanks Nemesis
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dummnutzer    RE:Help -The Hallstein Doctrine   5/21/2005 12:39:46 AM
OK, (very) short summary: It worked as long as the cold war was really cold, Third World nations tented to prefer diplomatic relations (including economic aid) with rich West Germany to poor East Germany, unless they were alredy Soviet client states. The exception were some Arab States, who had problems with West Germany´s economic and military support of Israel. The ideological basis of the Hallstein Doctrine (West Germany being the sole democratic representation of the German nation) eroded during the softening of the cold war about 1970, but then it was about to become obsolte under Brandt´s Neue Ostpolitik anyhow. So this cold war doctrine worked, until it became outdated and was replaced with a softer policy.
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