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Subject: Can England, France and Germany only by themselves, Invade and conquer Iran?
ChaosEnforcer    2/1/2005 3:22:45 AM
What If American and European Intelligence have total conformation that Iran is indeed hell bent on making a Nuclear Weapon. The Year is February 2006. With American deathtoll in Iraq now topping 2,000 killed and 20,000 wounded. USA is in no position to invade and conquer Iran. North Korea is increasingly getting more dangerous. Most of its Army is tied down in Iraq and the entire US pacific fleet is now marooned off the Korean coast. With the invasion of Iran a very real possibiity, a bloody Shia uprising could erupt in the South which could tie down many US forces. The US Naval and Aerial Assets are largely unused as well its Special Forces such as the Green Berets, Navy Seals and Delta Forces. So, Bush speaks to leaders of Europe and tells them of the grave threat that Iran poses. Bush finally convinces them to Invade Iran. USA can only provide Air and Naval Support as well as small teams of Special Forces. The main brunt of the attack will fall on the countries of England, France and Germany. They will invade from positions in Afghanistan and Iraq. My Question is can the 3 most powerful countries in Europe, Germany, France and England invade and conquer Iran or they can't do it without full American Support?
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El Gringo Said    RE:Can England, France and Germany only by themselves, Invade and conquer Iran?   2/1/2005 7:13:08 AM
My question is this. Why do you keep refering to England?
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Bluewings    RE:Can England, France and Germany only by themselves, Invade and conquer Iran?   2/1/2005 11:11:34 AM
Yes they can . Give them a 3 months build-up and let 's roll . I am convinced France or England alone would do the job , so with the 3 together Iran would fall in less than 5 months . No doubt whatsoever . Cheers .
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doggtag    RE:Can England, France and Germany only by themselves, Invade and conquer Iran?   2/1/2005 1:28:38 PM
Personally, I doubt the UK would go it alone. Perhaps UN mandates/concessions imposed against Iran for developing a Europe-capable nuclear-tipped IRBM. This would be the only reason I could see France and Germany (and possibly several other nervous countries) would jump on the band wagon. Of course, an IRBM capable of 2000-5000km in Iran's hands is going to make a LOT of countries in Europe and central/southwest Asia nervous. Of course, Putin might not see it all that friendly, neither. But that's just my speculation. Could the 3 big European supers do it alone (give Iran a serious whoopin')? Together, certainly. But doubtful unless there is more sufficient probable cause than the US vs Iraq's WMDs. .
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tiff    RE:Can England, France and Germany only by themselves, Invade and conquer Iran?   2/1/2005 3:51:52 PM
Why only England? can't the rest of the UK join in? Its gonna be an administrative nightmare having to go through all those regiments sorting out the English from the Scots, Welsh and Irish and reforming them into a fighting force. Get a grip and use the British army.
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gixxxerking    RE:Can England, France and Germany only by themselves, Invade and conquer Iran?   2/1/2005 5:06:03 PM
With the conditions you listed, yes. Without Iraqi and Afghan bases, with no US support no. Not without significant time for a build up. Perhaps after a year because of the need to secure ports, airfields and the vulnerability of ships in the Gulf.
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TXAggie93    RE:Can UK, France and Germany only by themselves, Invade and conquer Iran?   2/1/2005 5:44:13 PM
Not without staging most of their force in Iraq. They would also need to secure airbases and friendly ports. I also do not think they have enough heavy lift and transport ships. Also who would be in charge of the operation?
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coolboyjay    RE:Can UK, France and Germany only by themselves, Invade and conquer Iran?   2/2/2005 12:30:06 PM
Oh boy!! Let them use the US bases in the region and they would whip Iran!! BTW: I genuinely mean the UK and not just england!! hehe
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Germany invade Iran    Germany and Israel    7/12/2008 1:13:35 AM
I would think Germany could and will invade Iran since Germany almost conquer all of Europe back in WW2, however I dont think England or France would help I think it would only be Israel and Germany invading Iran  I would hope China would help since they are another super power and over populated.
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Godofgamblers       7/14/2008 11:01:14 PM
The scenario is interesting, but impossible in every way.
To begin with, if these three countries were to attack Iran, it would set off a firestorm that would engulf the entire world. The Muslim world would see this as a full on attack. It could set off a world war if 3 European nations tried to invade and occupy Iran. Second, the fighting would completely disrupt the flow of oil thru the Hormuz Straits. The price of oil would double overnight, bringing the world economy to a halt.
Third, these 3 countries combined have maybe 200,000 troops ready to be deployed overseas: hardly enough to occupy Iran.
If the goal is to humiliate, crush or destroy its capacity to make war, I think this is possible thru SF raids, targetted attacks on defence, nuclear installations and infrastructure.But forget about occupation.
Let's say the US, for political reasons i.e. fear of the war engufling Iraq, refused to allow the Euros to use Iraq as a staging base. Where would the Euro3 base from? They could still use the base in Djibouti, but it would be a long haul. Corsica is a long way from Iran... And I don't think France or Germany have the airlift for such an extended operation. I am confident that the UK could send in a couple divisions and wipe away the opposition in the short term, but one does not win a war with a couple divisions or in a short term scenario....
As well, the Euro naval force supporting the troops would be sitting ducks. Think Falkland Islands times 10. The Iranians have increasingly specialized in anti-ship missles and they would have a field day. Euro naval casualties would be high.
In brief, the Euro3 could mount a very successful SF type operation to pulverise key Iranian defence assets, but trying to scale it up much more would end up causing the Euro3 a lot of grief....
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Le Zookeeper    Soccer or war??   7/15/2008 12:08:44 AM
UK France & Germany are all soccer countries they can play with Iran. Only one country can attack Iran and end the story-the US of A. But we have time . Merkel is already singing praises of Iran, France still doesn't have a plan and Israel the only pissed of party has Ole Mutt as leader-- Barak I have more faith in. Barak is the world's last chance against Iranian nukes. 24 months and its over.
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