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Subject: What is the best way for the US to secure her borders?
JohnBarry    9/20/2004 12:52:59 PM
What is the best way for the US to secure her borders? What kind of force would it take to make US borders reasonably secure? How much manpower? Would you have a massive increase in the Border Patrol or create new military units for the role? How would you equip and organize the force. Would it be a standard light infantry, airmobile, mechanized, even old horse cavalry?
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human7    joe6pack / scholar   10/2/2004 9:21:36 AM
How about this scenario? For everyone in favor of illegal immigration we will double your taxes. Conversely, for everyone against illegal immigration we will half your taxes. This way here, all you bleeding heart liberals can put your money where your mouth is and pay for what you believe in.
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joe6pack    RE:Human7   10/2/2004 10:03:10 PM
"For everyone in favor of illegal immigration we will double your taxes." Thats fine with me. I am not in favor of illegal immigration, I don't think you can point to anywhere where I've said that. I just don't think illegal immigration should warrant death either. Is that really such a hard thing to comprehend? I think its safe to say one can be against "illegal immigration" and "against using land mines on the US border" They are not mutually exclusive. My idea's on immigration are: 1) Make it easier for people to immigrate LEGALLY - so they do things like pay taxes and get held accountable to laws that effect every other citizen. 2) Crack down on those that hire "Illegal" immigrants and avoid taxes by paying under the table. 3) Using landmines and the military to try and solve a social issue is idiotic. How's that? I'm not sure where that is liberal at all. If you think it's a conservative view to blow up people crossing the border, I can think of a couple "political" parties that might fit that bill, but the Republican one isn't it.
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joe6pack    RE:What is the best way for the US to secure her borders?   10/2/2004 10:07:07 PM
"I think you understate the problem. California has the 5th largest economy in the World. Illegal immigration is actually bankrupting California." I think a lot of California's problems could be attributed to their last governor and the state politics.. Blaming all your problems on immigrants (illegal or otherwise) has often been a way of avoiding the "locals" responsibility. The comments some people have made here sound a whole lot like "auslander aus" to me.. or perhpaps "arbeit macht frei"..
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smeegin2    Troops on US soil...Okay   6/26/2010 1:20:58 AM
Here is a site which explains that troops on US soil have been used, and ARE authorized by the US Constitution.
Please read and understand the times and the reasons under which these actions are allowed, or actually ordered by the Constituion to be enacted. It refers to an Invasion.
Going to the American Heritage Dictionary states to Invade is:
"in·vade  audio" />  (" alt="" />n-v" alt="" />d" alt="" />) KEY 

in·vad·ed, in·vad·ing, in·vades
  1. To enter by force in order to conquer or pillage.
  2. To encroach or intrude on; violate: "The principal of the trusts could not be invaded without trustee approval" (Barbara Goldsmith).
  3. To overrun as if by invading; infest: "About 1917 the shipworm invaded the harbor of San Francisco" (Rachel Carson).
  4. To enter and permeate, especially harmfully. "

I am sure we can agree that the illegals in the country, in large numbers, fulfill #2, #3, and most likely #4! So it is an invasion and Federal troops must be called to protect the States United from invasion of a foreign force. I believe that should just about do it for the legality issue. I say, BRING THEM ON, SECURE OUR BORDERS! If not, America is bankrupt and the government corrupted further.

Now with that being said, here is the link to the article:
Best regards,
WD Patriot
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cwDeici       6/26/2010 11:37:40 PM
Lol - just kidding.
More Border Guards - Biometric Scans - Retina Scans - Toss out all non-charismatic/secular/leftist (so-called moderate) muslims - ban most muslim immigration - more free trade agreements with other American nations (especially Colombia) - Comprehensive Immigration Plan - Improved Aerial and Naval Coastguard 
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cwDeici       6/26/2010 11:39:34 PM
Oh yeah, and restrict most abortion to fill the population gap that will appear. Sure, a lot of those babies will tend more towards becoming criminals because they're generally unwanted but immigrants also tend towards crime because of different cultures and the difficulties of integration and climbing the socio-economic ladder. And murder is wrong.
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cwDeici       6/26/2010 11:42:24 PM
Soooooooo if I was to sum it up: Semi-Fascist Moralist Christian Technocracy
Not much more of a dream then biometric and retina scans, banning the purer sects of Islam and renacting most restrictions on abortions. 
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cwDeici       6/26/2010 11:45:14 PM
Basically what I'm saying here is you have a loooooong border and there are a lot of poor people around the world and its not about to change. People are going to get in for the forseeable future until strict measures are enacted... measures that are politically impossible because a majority of Americans feel sorry for the immigrants and don't have enough babies themselves. 
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cwDeici       6/26/2010 11:51:09 PM
Well, the not having babies is an economic reason. Though it can be mostly overriden as seen in Japan and some European countries. You only really need to deal with feeling sorry for them. One just has to stop caring about the welfare of people outside your nation except when sending out UN aid or wailing about other people trying to affect positive change in the world through force or reading a good book.
And that political apathy towards immigrants, benign or malevolent, is unlikely to occur until such an occasion as America is under sufficient stress to override her typically liberal view towards immigration.
Personal I prefer political hostility towards immigrants... communists, muslims and a few other groups... I think the others are useful... but that's mildly fascist.
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AThousandYoung       6/29/2010 5:49:03 PM
I think it's important to point out that half of the USA - the Southwest - was stolen by illegal immigrants to the Mexican state of Tejas backed by the full might of the US military.  The treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed while the USMC occupied Mexico city.
"From the Halls of Montezuma...
We fight for right and freedom...."
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