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Subject: What is the best way for the US to secure her borders?
JohnBarry    9/20/2004 12:52:59 PM
What is the best way for the US to secure her borders? What kind of force would it take to make US borders reasonably secure? How much manpower? Would you have a massive increase in the Border Patrol or create new military units for the role? How would you equip and organize the force. Would it be a standard light infantry, airmobile, mechanized, even old horse cavalry?
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joe6pack    RE:From the mouth of a Federal Agent   9/27/2004 4:00:09 PM
"Because kiss-ass politicians are afraid of antagonizing the potential hispanic electorate." I agree that our political system for the immigration process is screwed up. I just don't think land mines or the like are the solution... Whats needed is for the lawmakers to do their jobs.. As for the politically correct.. It sucks. A friend of mine works at a univeristy doing government research. They had a grant revoked because they were not "diverse" enough. Mind you, they had people from I think he said 23 different nationalities on this project... but government diversity apparently means "black and hispanic".
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towgunner1960    RE: Civil War Two, the coming breakup of America   9/27/2004 7:35:40 PM
Very interesting read. The author, Thomas W. Chittum has 6 years combat experience including two tours in vietnam, two years in Bosnia and two years in some other sh*thole that I can't think of right now. People living along our southern border with Mexico are living in future, new new mexico. We better seal our borders some sort of way before it is too late if it isn't already.....
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   RE: Civil War Two, the coming breakup of America   9/27/2004 7:38:56 PM
Thats absolutely ridiculous. Thix xenophobia is so historically absurd; its repeated itself consistently throughout American history during every great influx of foreign expatriots. The Irish, the Chinese, the freed blacks, now the Mexicans. People need to wake the fark up and take a look at the base of the statue of liberty. This country was built by immigrant labor, not destroyed by it. If someone wants to come this country so badly that theyr willing to cross miles of scorching desert to do so, the problem is with our immigration policies, not our insecure borders..
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tankerman    RE:What is the best way for the US to secure her borders?   9/27/2004 8:41:16 PM
Well, maybe putting combat tested soldiers on the border would help. i dont normally support posting our soldiers in a combat roll on our soil, but in a way it is self defense. If it is true about the mexican army incursions into the US, which i do beleive is happening, we need to treat them forces like the enemy that they are. same with the drug runners. if we start taking a serious hard line with them and kill a few off, they might start listening. Kinda like how the iraqis listens and feared the 3ID "Broken TV" patch. Im in 3rd ID and i would enjoy a little deployment to the border. Also i dont like the government giving away my tax money to a bunch of illegal immigrants who can just cross a boarder and get free money. I work too damn hard to just be giving it away like we are a socialist nation.
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scholar    tankerman   9/28/2004 11:33:09 AM
Mexican army incursions into the US? Don't you mean Pancho Villa? Are you hallucinating? You're on crack if you think the immigration problem requires combat veterans and shooting Mexican soldiers. And just what do you mean by handing out tax money or free money to immigrants? Hello! What money are they taking? What are they doing besides picking the very food you eat and doing all the sh*t labor no one here wants to do. The Mexicans are no parasites! They work hard, are exploited by opportunistic employers, and, through sales taxes, contribute to the public coffers. Are there too many of them? Perhaps. And the porous border and the human traffic lends itself to huge criminality problems, but surely there are good ways of dealing with that other than treating Mexican migrants like Iraqi insurgents just because they're trying to improve their lives the only way they know how: by sneaking into the US so they can work their butts off at sh*t menial labor. Do you want to stem the flow? Here's my idea: do whatever we can to improve Mexico's economy, from development grants to Peace Corps projects to rigging our trade so that we buy from Mexico and Central America rather than China.
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tankerman    RE:scholar   9/28/2004 12:08:24 PM
most of the time, I respect what you write, but not for this one. I come from rural minnesota, where we have hundreds of migrant workers come up during the summertime and work. And by the way, when I was a kid, I did the same work, so dont think i dont know. The parents of the young migrants work hard, ill give them that, and even some of the young ones. On the otherhand I can recal many situations where they were stealing our stuff and trying to form gangs in our area. thats a no go. why should we have to put up with that. And i also see the abuses from them in our welfare system. I know people who did it, so you cant say its BS. About the mexican soldiers who enter our country. You dont think if an enemy force enters this country, we shouldnt kill them. that is whats wrong with our nation, we are weakening. and if your thinking about pancho villa, we did set up a force to take care of that problem, although we never caught him. I dont hate people for wanting to come and get a better life, its what my family did when they came over in 1880. But they also came over legally. Ive always been taught to do the right thing, and breaking laws is not the right thing. Ive also been taught if you catch sombody stealing your stuff, you beat the crap out of them. well what do you call fraud, i think its the same as stealing. i dont know what kind of world your in, but your not seeing it as most of the people i know, and i know quite a few people. so think about thing and just dont assume that i dont know about the migrants wanting to get a better life. also if you have a problem on my view of welfare, i lived with it for 15 years growing up, so i know if irreversably flawed.
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scholar    RE:scholar   9/28/2004 12:57:44 PM
I have no doubt that there are Mexicans, either the immigrants or their children, who get involved in crime. But that's also been true of all immigrant groups. Italians crooks. Jewish crooks. Irish crooks. You name it. I'm sure there were even Swedish crooks! The only thing that makes the Mexicans different is that they're already existing in a clandestine, illegal state. That means that they have less access to institutions and programs that can help immigrants succeed and that they have no recourse to the law themselves. I'm not at all surprised that they would be more likely to break laws than other immigrant groups. But I see no reason to cry chicken little or treat them like an element that's inherently criminal rather than find ways to bring those who are here out from the shadows so that they can be better integrated? And what would our agriculture do without them? California, to name just one state out of many, would collapse without cheap Mexican labor.
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Heorot    RE:Tankerman   9/28/2004 2:24:33 PM
You should read Fred on the Mexicans. He is an American who lives in Mexico. His columns can be found here: Read the September 10th one.
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tankerman    RE:Tankerman   9/28/2004 6:34:18 PM
Thanks for the link, that article pretty much say's it all about how this country has become.
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tankerman    RE:What is the best way for the US to secure her borders?   9/28/2004 6:38:29 PM
sorry, i was reading the wrong article, i read the febuary 2 article, that one describes how it is in the US
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