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Subject: How awful was the Dirlewanger Brigade?
TriggaFingaz    6/30/2004 4:11:39 PM
Just what particular kinds of atrocities were the members of the Dirlewanger Brigade (later expanded to division status as 36. Waffen Grenadier Division der SS) infamous for? All I know is that the Dirlewanger Bde recruited its members from military prisons and concentration camps- it was staffed with rejects, slimeballs and other malcontents. I read that they and the Kaminski Bde were so wanton in their acts of barbarity that Wehrmacht and Waffen SS commanders requested they be removed from the Warsaw Area of Operations during the 1944 operations. A request which was approved by Van Dem Bach Zelewski, overall SS commander charged with crushing the Polish Home Army. They must be particularly and uniquely nasty if even their SS superiors is disgusted with them. The books I have don’t go into specifics. PS Oskar Dirlewanger, CO of the eponymous unit, was jailed before WW2 for pedophilia. Himmler awarded him a Knight's Cross (or something) for 'bravery' displayed during the Warsaw uprising.
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beersheba    RE:How awful was the Dirlewanger Brigade?   6/30/2004 8:26:11 PM
What didn't he do is more the question. Dirlewanger and his officer used to inject poison into captured Russian women and sit around watching them die. They then cut the women into pieces with horse meat to make soap. During the operations in and around Warsaw a detachment of the Dirlwanger brigade went nuts, throwing pregnant woman off roof tops and bayoneting babies, leaving them hanging from the balcony. The SS had Kaminski killed because he was a shocker as well but they couldn't really touch Dirlwanger because he had friends in high places (namely Himmler). But Dirlwanger was a brave solider, he was wounded many times during World War 1 and fought in Spain in the late 30s. He was wounded several times during his rampage in World War II. He was booted out of the SS after he first joined it because he crashed a staff car while fooling around with a young girl. He was an alcoholic to boot. There has been some talk that he survived the war and was made a security consultant in Egypt in the late 40s and 50s but it's been accepted that he was beaten to death while in French custody. One of the true brutes in a brute of a war.. There's a good book out on him (hard to get) written by French Mclean. Takes you through his early life right up to when they dug up his grave to prove it was really him.
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TriggaFingaz    What did Dirlewanger look like?   7/3/2004 10:17:23 AM
Does anyone know what OD looked like? As for the Dirlewanger Bde, its last survivors may have been massacred by the Russians who weren't interested in taking prisoners.
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beersheba    RE:What did Dirlewanger look like?   7/4/2004 11:25:35 PM
He was described as having a `haggered bird-like appearance' Quite sharp features, with a little moustache. Quite tall. I don't want to be accused of judging a book by its cover but in his case I will. He did look like an evil bastard when you throw in the death's head insignia and the SS uniform. There are pics of him on the net, though not many. Most of brigade was wiped out but a few survived. Many members were moved from the brigade during the war for good behaviour and combat performance. A small number of officers and soliders weren't even in the brigade as punishment.
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Paddy04    RE:How awful was the Dirlewanger Brigade?   7/8/2004 7:53:02 PM
"Dirlewanger and his officer used to inject poison into captured Russian women and sit around watching them die. They then cut the women into pieces with horse meat to make soap" This sounds like a "urban ledgend" to me, is there anyway you could give me some sort of serious soruce for this statement?
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beersheba    RE:How awful was the Dirlewanger Brigade?   7/15/2004 12:32:10 AM
Yep, a book written by French McLead covers most areas of the Dirlewanger unit. It's called ``The Cruel Hunters''. It gives a detailed account of his early life, his crimes and how he died. It describes most of the Doctor's ``party tricks''..
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Sturmvogel    RE:What did Dirlewanger look like?   8/4/2004 7:41:56 PM
There are one or two images on the net..... use Google Images, searching for Oskar Dirlewanger.
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Iskuman    RE:What did Dirlewanger look like?   8/5/2004 4:03:40 AM
"Does anyone know what OD looked like?" He looked like this:
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vincent    How was he killed?    8/5/2004 1:23:06 PM
Excuse me? Could you explain me how this monster died?
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Iskuman    RE:How was he killed?    8/5/2004 1:48:26 PM
Yes, I can. The French captured him, and he died from maltreatment on 7.7.45.
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