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Subject: Dissertation Help
slf2    8/23/2012 11:47:56 AM
Hi all, I am a military history/strategic studies student in university and would like some advise for my final year dissertation project. I have though long and hard about what I would like to do it on and I have come up with a number of possibilities. I am wondering if there are people are on here that could give me an insight on my best choice. I need to consider the availability of research sources, and something that will attract my lecturers attention, preferably bringing in some new ideas that have not be touched upon before. It would also help if it could bring in some social and political factors as well. The project needs to be around 12,000 words. The possible ideas that I have are: 1. An assessment of air power during the Falklands Conflict and the effect that it has had on modern British air power. 2. The Impact of the Falklands Conflict on the Cold War. 3. The Successes of Op. Market Garden 4. Whether the decision to go ahead with Op. Market Garden was the correct one. 5. The problems of not capturing Caen as planned after D-day. 7. Some kind of evaluation of the Battle of Monte Casino. 6. An evaluation of the USMC pacification methods during the Vietnam War, and whether a greater spread of the methods across Vietnam could have caused a different outcome to the war. If you have any kind of evaluation for any or all of these questions it would be much appreciated. Secondly if anyone could think of a better question relevant to these kind of questions again this would be helpful. Thanks!
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