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Subject: Looking for sources regarding German military purchases and Bundeswehrreform
scholar    5/18/2011 11:08:38 AM
Greetings. After an absence of many years I'm returning to these boards in hopes of getting some information about German military issues. I now work for a DC think tank and am working on a project that looks at how US allies are making decisions regarding which capabilities to maintain and which to abandon as they face budget cuts. There's a wealth of information of this sort regarding the US military, but I haven't found anything for the Germans other than press pieces. Undoubtedly there are German journals or websites that offer more specialized content, I just don't know what they are. Any ideas? Und ja, ich kann deutsch lesen...
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scholar    Sorry about the triple post! [nt]   5/18/2011 11:10:56 AM
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WarNerd       6/22/2011 3:50:26 AM
The portfolio of the upcoming land force as drafted out by the Infantry School's Development Group reveals a marginal increase in infantry but general reductions. Overall, the army will consist of 147 combat companies, 11 of which are flagged as reserve:

Armoured: 12 + 6
Armoured Infantry: 27
Light Infantry: 14
Motorized Infantry: 10
Parachute Infantry: 10
Mountain Infantry: 9
Engineers: 19
Reconnaissance: 20
Artillery: 15 + 5

It seems reasonable to maintain at least some armoured assets (and skills) by not just disbanding some outfits but keeping their stuff stored somewhere around.
ps. I will look for articles ... could take some days though. 
Looks like those companies could be organized into about 20 battalions.
Any information on the head count in those companies?
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