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Subject: How would China deal with a far east NATO type alliance
jessmo_24    1/10/2011 4:43:31 PM
*ttp:// SEOUL, South Korea – South Korea and Japan held military talks Monday on accords to share intelligence and provide each other with fuel and medical support, officials said, in what would be their first military agreement since Tokyo's brutal colonial rule of the Korean peninsula ended in 1945. Seoul and Tokyo are important trading and diplomatic partners, but the possibility of such a military pact is a sensitive topic in South Korea, where many people still harbor strong resentment against Japan's 35-year occupation. Bilateral ties often suffer over territorial and historical disputes stemming from the colonial legacy. Monday's talks, however, came as Tokyo and Seoul struggle to deal with a shared worry over North Korean aggression, including the deadly shelling of a front-line South Korean island on Nov. 23. South Korean Defense Minister Kim Kwan-jin and his Japanese counterpart Toshimi Kitazawa met Monday for talks on the military accords, North Korea's nuclear weapons programs and the artillery attacks, according to the South Korean Defense Ministry. The accords are aimed at strengthening defense cooperation by sharing important intelligence, mostly on North Korea, and assisting each other's military with fuel and medical supplies during peacekeeping operations abroad, a Defense Ministry official said. Read more: More after the jump. Im talking about Japan, Korea, Taiwan, The U.S. Vietnam, The Philippines, and maybe India as a secondary partner and advisor?
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