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Subject: New World Order
YelliChink    10/21/2010 2:29:21 PM
Not the one you think. Iran, Venezuela leaders seek 'new world order' By ALI AKBAR DAREINI, Associated Press Writer Ali Akbar Dareini, Associated Press Writer – Thu Oct 21, 12:40 am ET TEHRAN, Iran – The leaders of Iran and Venezuela hailed what they called their strong strategic relationship on Wednesday, saying they are united in efforts to establish a "new world order" that will eliminate Western dominance over global affairs. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and visiting Venezuelan counterpart, Hugo Chavez, watched as officials from both countries signed 11 agreements promoting cooperation in areas including oil, natural gas, textiles, trade and public housing. Among the agreements, Venezuela's state oil company Petroleos de Venezuela SA said the South American country was forming a joint shipping venture with Iran to aid in delivering Venezuelan crude oil to Europe and Asia. It said in a statement that the agreement for a joint venture also would help supply Iran "due to its limited refining capacity." Both presidents denounced U.S. "imperialism" and said their opponents will not be able to impede cooperation between Iran and Venezuela. ==== If they can convince China, Russia and Brazil to join them, then that would be a force to be recogned with. However, currently, they look more like fools.
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St. Croix Ark    PK-4   1/29/2012 3:21:23 PM

Hess, PdVSA to shut Hovensa refinery venture in Virgin Islands

01.25.2012 ...  |  HP News

Hovensa will shut down its 500,000 bpd St. Croix refinery in the US Virgin Islands amid weak demand, new competition.


Hovensa will soon begin shutting down its St. Croix refinery in the US Virgin Islands, the joint-venture company announced.

The complex will operate as an oil storage terminal following the shutdown, according to Hovensa, a joint venture of Hess Corp. and Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PdVSA).

The refinery – built by Hess in 1966 – has a capacity of about 500,000 bpd, according to media reports.

Losses at the Hovensa refinery have totaled $1.3 billion in the past three years alone and were projected to continue, the venture said.

These losses have been caused primarily by weakness in demand for refined petroleum products due to the global economic slowdown and the addition of new refining capacity in emerging markets.

Oil can be such a dirty business, and shutting down the "second largest oil refinery in the western hemisphere" is even dirtier.
I would guess that oil is heading to not only Iran, but to China as well. Its not bad enough we lose the oil in Canada, but to lose production right in our own backyard, well, says it all.
" St. Croix Ark...
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VelocityVector       1/30/2012 6:23:26 PM
I visited Hovensa facility/St. Croix within the past several months and also visited St. Croix prior to and routinely since Hovensa facility expansion.  The facility became and is a dirty crude refining complex intended for processing nasty Venezualan bulk that could not be compliantly refined in Texas.  Local school kids were recently sickened by gas releases.  Kill Hovensa facility on St. Croix for good.  The historical chain of motivations for expanding Hovensa on St. Croix originate from the darkest human depths and I despise the folks who made those decisions.  Hovensa/St. Croix has "Bush" empire signature surreptitiously written all over the decisions surround its growth since 1987.  0.02
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St. Croix Ark       1/31/2012 12:47:47 AM
I too was there when the gases closed down schools and water cisterns became contaminated - you're right it was a ticking time bomb! Sadly, for St. Croix Island it will take the Ark of the Covenant ( or The St. Croix Ark...) to turn things around . . . literally. Not that oil rules the world, Venezuela will be fine, if not better financially in the end. However, it's St. Croix I care about, I have a bad feeling things will never be the same (aside from fresher air and cleaner drinking water).
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