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Subject: Iranian Air Force
AThousandYoung    10/16/2010 9:16:34 PM
How strong is it? Of course it's not top quality, but for example how did thit do vs Iraq?
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WarNerd       10/17/2010 2:24:43 AM

How strong is it? Of course it's not top quality, but for example how did thit do vs Iraq?

Are you referring to the Iranian Air Force in the 1980's or in 2010?  These are vastly different periods.
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AThousandYoung       10/17/2010 12:44:33 PM

Well, how about today then.  I saw a clip of an F-14 flying recon over American troops in Iraq on youtube for example which made me think about it.

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mabie       10/30/2010 10:13:21 PM
UAE F-15 Blk 60 fleetcould take care of it. At least that's what a ranking US General was quoted as saying some time back.
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WarNerd       10/31/2010 4:55:33 AM

Well, how about today then. 

Best Guess -- Aviation Week -- 2009
Agusta AB206A (3)
Agusta AB212 (5)
Agusta AS61A4 (2)
Agusta CH-47C (4)
Bell Helicopter Textron 214C (25)
Boeing 707 (10)
Boeing 747-100F (5)
Dassault Aviation Falcon 50 (3)
Dassault-Breguet Falcon 20 (1)
Dassault-Breguet Mirage F1-B (11)
Embraer EMB-312 (15)
Fokker F27-400M (11)
Fokker F27-600 (3)
GAIC FT-7 (4)
Grumman F-14A (20)
Harbin Y-12 (8)
Ilyushin IL-76 (15)
Kaman HH-43F (8)
Lockheed C-130E (5)
Lockheed C-130H (4)
Lockheed Jetstar II (1)
Lockheed P-3F (3)
Lockheed T-33A (5)
McDonnell Douglas F-4D (15)
McDonnell Douglas F-4E (29)
McDonnell Douglas RF-4E (3)
Mikoyan MiG-29 (35)
Mikoyan MiG-29UB (5)
Mil Mi-8MTW (4)
Northrop F-5E (65)
Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Mushshak (23)
Pilatus PC-6 (12)
Pilatus PC-7 (20)
Raytheon F33C (20)
Rockwell 690A (4)
Shenyang F-6 (18)
Shenyang F-7 (20)
Socata TB 200 (6)
Socata TB.20 (6)
Sukhoi Su-24 (24)
Xi?an Y-7 (14) 
 The numbers in parenthesis (##) are the quantities, making this one of the most 'diverse' air forces on the planet. 
Many are planes that escaped to Iran from Iraq during Operation Desert Storm, and arrived without spares or trained maintenance personnel.  The condition of the USA and European manufactured aircraft is dubious because of age and lack of spares, all were purchased before 1991 and subject to sustained embargo.
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