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Subject: Eurofighter Typhoon upgrade program
JTR~~    10/15/2010 3:45:44 PM
There has been a lot of debate as to what kinds of upgrades that will be made to the Typhoons in the coming tranche 3 deliveries, I’m here to discuss what some of those may be and if so what kind of effects may they have upon the aircraft both positive and negative and the general outcome of what we feel the upgrades will do for the plane. Now there seems to be three thins in particular that look the most likely to be fielded, these proposals have either been confirmed or in their development or testing stages, these are as follows: Thrust vectoring Conformal fuel tanks (RAF only as of yet) AESA CAESER radar However there have also been other proposals ranging from upgrading the radar absorbent coating to give it a slightly lower signature and a newer engine I believe called the EJ220. But it is not just upgrades in terms of the plane itself, the weapons which it is able to field are also being considered as soon when finally developed the plane will be capable of carrying the new MBDA missile. So your thoughts and suggestions please Regards JTR
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gf0012-aust       10/16/2010 5:57:52 PM

Thrust vectoring.  Can't see the value of it at this stage.. You're better off dealing with awareness and  appreciation by enhancing sensor suite so that you see them coming before they launch, and when they launch that you can deal with them electronically.  TV on a missile without a pilot will be a problem to any manned solution if they get up close.  30+ g for a missile, 11g unsustained for a manned fighter? Once you hit the NEZ and assuming that it still has energy, then the money is on the missile
Conformal fuel tanks (RAF only as of yet)  needs context, is it cost and mission effective when it may be cheaper and of broader benefit to increae the AAR footprint, and start assigning some of the less relevant missions to UAV's (eg strike in sanitised battlespace)
AESA CAESER radar.  The briefing that we had done by a RAF exchange pilot stated that AESA was slated for 2010 - we're almost near the end of 2010.
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JTR~~    thanks for the link   10/18/2010 11:40:05 AM

This may be interesting for the topic:


RAF, Luftwaffe chiefs back new technology for Tranche 3 Eurofighter


"Speaking at the Royal International Air tattoo on 18 July, Air Chief Marshal Sir Glenn Torpy, the Royal Airforce's outgoing chief of the air staff, singled out the introduction of an active electronically-scanned array radar and extended-range capability as key requirements for future Typhoon orders. "E-scan is being developed, and we would like to add conformal fuel tanks," he says.


German Airforce chief of staff Lt Gen Klaus-Peter Stieglitz says his service is also interested in fielding multirole Eurofighters equipped with AESA sensors. "The Luftwaffe is looking for the E-Scan radar in the future," he confirms, adding: "We will further evolve and develop the Eurofighter."



How much of an impact would you say the new radar if pushed ahead will have on the Typhoons already substantial capabilities?

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