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Subject: What constitutes the ideal modern army?
Cybernuke    12/26/2009 9:51:11 PM
I want to discuss what is the ideal Modern Army? Though each country faces different threats and priorities, the discussion centers around constant conditions such as no immediate threats. I will begin this discussion with an incomplete idea what this modern army should be in rather general and vague terms. A modern army in my mind should be a flexible and mobile army. It should be light and must be able to react to a threat in a speedy timetable. A modern army should be professional and should exhibit quality over quantity. A modern army should, though light and flexible, be able to exert an incredible amount of firepower but should not be bogged down with machinery that is too heavy to move quickly. A modern army should be able to communicate securely and effectively throughout its ranks. A modern army should be able to work with intelligence to effectively figure out who they are fighting, what they are fighting, and how many they are fighting. Please expand with fresh ideas and don't be afraid to argue about my points :D.
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