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Subject: Can Europe depend on America in 21century?
TankU    10/18/2009 1:50:16 AM
Can Europe depend on America in 21century?
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french stratege       10/23/2009 5:40:47 AM
For my self I would say no as many French,  but Europeans will still rely on USA for a great part.
European have only self defense capability except France and UK.And UK relies on USA support for a part.
Other countries are not willing to to go above a limited self defense capability and will continue to rely on USA.
They have no will to build military power.
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wjr321       10/29/2009 7:45:45 PM
The EU and Japan are now wealthy. Why should we (the U.S. taxpayer) continue to support their defense when their politicians divert money that, at least in part, should go to their defense? Why do we (again the U.S. taxpayer) have to not only forgo various infrastructure improvements in favor of someone else's defense but, as well, listen to the all too common lectures from ingrates?
My modest suggestion is that if you want us to defend your country then pony up the cash or troops and gear to pay for it. It's expensive to maintain military protectorates for decadent sloths. And, I, for one, am tired of paying for it.
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wjr321       10/29/2009 11:31:14 PM
How so, Nasty? The EU government and many, if not most, of the governments of the constituent states of the EU would not even give lip service should  any sort of existential dilemma occur to the U.S. Indeed, they would try to cut a deal with the devil over our corpse.
Heaven forfend if some nice Brussels socialist needed to actually face reality.

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