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Subject: Next major war China vs India over Tawang
Le Zookeeper    10/17/2009 10:36:43 PM
The riots in 2008 in Tibet were nerve raking for China. It was a genuine threat to their stated one China policy with Tibet. China has been seeking Tawang from Idia as "Southern Tibet". Recently elections were held there and now the Dalai LLama is visiting in November. I think most folks do not realize that China is very nervous about "splittist" Tibet. It may try to occupy Tawang in India's Arunachal Pradesh by force. US Stryker units were in India to shore up support for India. Its been a while since China has been at war. It must have itchy fingers by now.
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RedParadize       10/19/2009 1:32:55 AM
Hello Le Zookeeper
China wont jump in a war that they don't need. As long as they have enough resource to continue their +9% economic grow its gonna be fine.Why would they go to war if they can beat us on the long run anyway? Someday Other major power may find a efficient way to slow their grow. And then you will have a war.
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