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Subject: New USN commercial
smitty237    10/15/2009 9:33:30 PM
Tonight I saw a new commercial for the US Navy. It features images of cammy-faced SEALS riding a gunboat down a river, sailors on a submarine, aircraft taking off from a carrier, etc. The commercial is accompanied by some powerful horn music. At the end of the commercial the narrator delivers a short spiel, followed by what I must infer is the Navy's new slogan: "Navy. A global force for good." Say what????? Someone please help me. Someone please convince me that this new slogan is a positive philosophy and in no way reflects the strange, global politics of the Obama Administration. I understand that US military will be tasked from time to time to perform humanitarian missions, but the primary role of the military is to kill people and break things. I would submit that this role alone has been beneficial to the security of our nation, thus making it a force for good, but I doubt that this is the message that the commercial and the slogan was trying to convey. Someone please convince me otherwise.......
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