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Subject: Could Germany emerge as initiator of WW3 again?
Le Zookeeper    8/6/2009 8:00:53 AM
Oddly enough the US/UK supremacy is threatened by its own corrupt bankers with China Japan Saudi UAE Germany as chief creditors. But my reports ( I shall try to get the links) suggest that Germany and Germany only has real beef against US/UK. Who said history repeats itself? WW1 & WW2 were started by Germany was AL Qaida WW3 or just a darn nuscancical rat, a diversion? I suspect Germany will cause the next war by proxy through China who will be hopelessly locked in a suicidal dance with USA. UK is mum because they are scared and do not know what to do. US economy is essentially dead hanging on in a zombie state on extreme life support in intensive care and Obama and crew are petrified. The end for the US/UK cabal is near and Germany is mad as hell, China for all the omens raised about it is basically not very bold, Germans frankly have a history of bold moves. Remember Germany attacked Russia USA & Europe, at once in WW2; stupid as that was, it was bold. Germany could very well start the next war WW3. What would that be- the FOURTH REICH!! I shall try to find the links on how upset the Germans are.
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Nocturne       8/11/2009 6:06:32 AM
I could say the ww2 was the final big German initiated gamble...
1. Germany just have the lack of will to fight another war (just speak with the ordinary Germans, feel their mood about that.)
2. There is nothing to achieve. Simply nothing. Invade Poland? (it's not about living space anymore)...Invade Le France? why? whats the point? Germans didn't wanted to fight France/UK even in WW2 if you look closer you will see that all German intentions were directed to the east.
3. Germany doesn't have nuclear deterrent. I could hardly imagine Russian firing nukes in Germany's defence
4. Proxy..what? whats the point?Revenge? half the world has bigger or smaller beef against US. Against UK? Maybe just Argentina & Spain and France out of habit. The biggest beef i could ever find would be Kaliningrad (Konigsberg?). Several times i heard from Germans sth like 'we miss it', but those ppl just buy a summer house there (not wage war)
5. Whatever the WW3 will be fought with..WW4 will be fought with sticks and stones (most of the educated ppl like German rulling aparatus understand that)
6. You are completely biased. I am not. I am no German.
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Le Zookeeper    Nocturne   8/12/2009 1:40:08 AM
no bias. I have no connection to Germany except for some german american 3rd or so generation sister in laws. Perhaps thats a bias, they do remind me why i fear Germans more than russians or chinese. Washington had a policy - do not deal too far with people u do not understand. The human civilization has an abject misunderstanding of these people, Wagner, War and philosophy. Few people understand Germans, history has shown they react rather violently. Whats changed?
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Le Zookeeper    Nocturne   8/12/2009 1:49:21 AM
And if you read my posts in this thread Russia and Germany are already collaberating, Germany(the bankers i.e.) isn't upset but its inflamed, wait till elections and October, The global economic order is about to fall apart and a major war looms as always in history, nuclear weapons being a deterrant is a myth that will be shattered. Its human nature to believe things will be -33% or +33% of the norm. First expect civil disorder in Germany, and then US withdrawal from there in good faith, hey the German government will tell obammer its temporary, wall street is to blame. It will be permenant. ten russia will want to teach poland a lesson for basing abm and Germany will roll in again, and hey France will be in upheavel Russiua and Germany declare EU alliance and France will invite German/Russian troops to contain the French economic chaos and social disorder.
And there we go again....... WW4 will not be fought with sticks and will not be fought at all. People just cannot get it right!!!
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Le Zookeeper    & finally Nocturne   8/12/2009 1:55:03 AM
I could say the ww2 was the final big German initiated gamble...
Wrong again, the final gamble was Wall Street and London trying to sell their viral fradulent securities to the rest of the world, I think USA & UK have severely miscalculated the impact & global reaction. I fully expect this to be the end of what is commonly reffered to as the Anglo-Saxon world order. The sun has set on the British Empire.
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Le Zookeeper    Nasty   8/14/2009 11:29:10 PM

Its to late to stop WW4 occuring in your brain Le Zookeeper, but that has absolutely nothing to do with reality.

This is nothing but reival of the Soviet anti-US strategy prepared by the KGB. Was Putin ex-KGB- u betcha!!! Here was the plan- push Europe out of NATO push South AMerica out of US influence and cause economic coolapse in US. I am not saying the exact roadmap is being followed, but its along those lines- let me itemize the events-
1) Germany supports Russia to prevent NATO eastward expansion
2) Economic collapse and Germany will want NATO out or at least US out due to public outcry
3) Iran again a KGB operation, strong Russian German interests
Along those lines- what can I say wat and see, it all depends on global economic situation. I bet Germany is infiltrated highly by KGB. The bogeyman is back, Bush said what " I looked into Putin's eye and saw something blah blah" I just see KGB.
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Nocturne       8/15/2009 6:22:10 AM
yeah i don't believe in eternal peace either..but i don't think your scenario has anything real in it apart from the fact that Germans do deal with Russian because of the gas/oil.. russians need money germans need gas- both countries are sitting on the same branch. i could develope like 5scenarios like that in a day..  (i think 2 days ago i read nearly the same 'oh my god japan is rearming!!!' )you wanna know my scnario? after many many years we will run out of gas oil coal and China has big not very energy efficient with 'right' leadership its goes waco try to invade some pacific region with some remaining oil or create some showdown on the siberian frontier..simple as that and this wont need germany or any conspiracy at all. Right temperature, right place, spark, boom! Sum of random factors create dissasters like that. Power balance is slowly slipping from the old world..we wont be big players in the next game
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Le Zookeeper    Nasty i agree with u   8/16/2009 3:53:06 AM

im out of this discussion, and I can only ask the moderator to treat the previous poster like we do in Germany ...  make him quiet !

but then i was right!!!
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Le Zookeeper    I know Nasty- what a nutter   8/20/2009 11:54:18 PM

im out of this discussion, and I can only ask the moderator to treat the previous poster like we do in Germany ...  make him quiet !

This was meant at a poster whos message was deleted  ( thx Sysops, dont let Nazi scum infiltrate here)

But then how many of these are in Germany? If they posted on this thread, ur statistics are wrong.
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