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Subject: Hints of possible sudden Chinese action to declare its hegemony
Le Zookeeper    7/19/2009 3:24:31 AM
The rumor mills are circulating the following - 1) China ready to establish Yuan or a new Synthetic currency to replace dollar as US expected to default by October 09. Buy some Eagles. 2) US expected to close banks in September for few days and reset dollar value (i.e hyperinflation here we are). 3) Chinese have deployed Nuclear missiles in Tibetan plateau aginst India and navy increases around Spratley Islands. To directly challenge whereever possible Western friends and allies (China has limited militay range so the nearest gets a smacking). 4) Iran may test Nuclear weapon. 5) North Korea may suddenly have nukes on rockets aimed at Japan. Its fully expected to be the end of the Western order as only Germany, Australia, Switzerland, & Canada have any measure of stability left or as Mithradates would have said - its an end of the Anglo Saxon world order as UK and USA will be primarily history. How do you say Hello World in Mandarin?
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