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Subject: Two bombs
Godofgamblers    7/16/2009 11:04:03 PM
Two bombs ripped apart the Ritz and the Marriott in Central jakarta. The Marriott is one of my favorite haunts and i can say from experience that the security there is extremely high. I cannot imagine how a bomber could get close to the lobby. I thus imagine that the damage at the Ritz was heavier than at the Marriott. They had closed the drop off point in front of the lobby in front of the Marriott so i don't see how they did it unless the bomb was detonated from a distance. In any case, we assume it is a suicide bombing but i have not heard anything yet. Helis are all over the place; from my office window there are constant sirens. IN front of Mal Ambassador there were hearses, ambulances, troop trucks in a constant procession. We can only surmise that some more psychos have 'gone to heaven'. The Usual Suspects are suspected. Will upadate when I hear more. k
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Godofgamblers       7/17/2009 7:09:05 AM
In a strange turn of events, there have been rumblings that the culprit this time was not Islamic Crazies but a disgruntled ex-General. I have heard reports that SBY indicated that the perpetrators could have been sponsored by a failed presidential candidate.
This is a clear stab at Prabowo. For those of you who have not folloowed his illustrious career, Prabowo is a walking genocide with the blood of many Timorese on his hands; he is also alleged to have been the instigator of the May Riots in order to create a chaotic situation in which Indonesians would beg for the army, i.e. Suharto to step in and restore order. With strong links to the Suharto family, this thesis has been generally accepted, though never proven.
Due to his humiliating failure in the elections it is not impossible that his hand could be in this. But this would be ruthless, even for him.
However, until further word, I am still inclined to believe it is an Al Qaeda related group; details are sketchy, but anecdotal evidence i heard from friends indicates that the bombs were assembled in the hotel and that the bombers were guests of the hotels. This is reminescent of the Mumbai attacks. Al Qaeda groups seem to favor big (200kg +) car bombs but a change in tactics is not impossible.
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