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Subject: Secret clauses of UAE France defense treaty displayed in le Figaro
french stratege    6/18/2009 10:32:27 AM
Some leakage on secret UAE-France defense treaty in french Le Figaro newspaper. Selon les clauses secrètes de l'accord renégocié entre Paris et Abu Dhabi, la France s'engage à utiliser tous les moyens militaires dont elle dispose pour défendre les Émirats arabes unis s'ils venaient à être agressés. Tous les moyens militaires, c'est-à-dire également l'arme nucléaire, s'il le faut. According to secret clauses in the new negociated treaty between UAE and France, France is commited to engage any military means at its disposal to protect UAE for an external agression. All military means which includes nuclear weapons. According to a diplomate, the treaty has more constraints than the NATO treaty between its members and link totally France to UAE defense.
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