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Subject: America on verge of giving up globo cop job. New military order on the way.
Necromancer    4/6/2009 3:52:04 PM
Severe defence cuts due to economic situation (F-22 cut, Obama's new copters maybe gone and more) and Obama's new political approach sends a clear message to the allies- Israel is on its own vs Iran (may start WW3, Netanyahu may not be patient forever), Japan will ally with China as US closes bases around the wrld. NATO in deep trouble asEU is nothing more than a token prescence. I fully expect US world military basing presence to go down by 50% yes folks 50%. Its a new ball game. You are own ur own now.
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wjr321       4/6/2009 5:57:36 PM
Lover of the dead,
Since when is this a bad thing? I doubt that congress will allow Bambi to do
all that much to the DOD (too much pork at play) but, generally, getting out of the
cop business is not too bad of an idea. While we are at it we should dump NATO
and SEATO and get out of the UN. Washington warned us to beware of foreign
entanglements. Generally speaking the founders and, in particular Washington,
were right.
While we are doing it, though, we should get out of the do-good business as
well. Our attitude should be: "Got a problem with the local jerk government?
Need cash to pay for food? Need help after the last typhoon? Ask the friendly
Han. They deserve you."
We should, also, close the vast majority of our embassies. We can contract with
the Swiss for anything that we really need or want to say to anyone else in
person. Besides, the cookie pushers at Foggy Bottom have rarely represented
or interests anyway. See our web page for detailed information about why you
cannot come here, why we don't care you are staving or why it's none of our
business that you don't think that Sharia law should be the law of the land in France.
We should build our missile defense, stock up on nukes and build the heck
out of the navy. Control of the sea lanes should remain a top priority vis: 1. pirates
hang on the fantail moments after capture and, 2. if we don't like something then
we can do a "boy-howdy" fast. Big power projection capability but without the
intention or desire to put "boots on the ground" anywhere but U.S. soil.
We should also severely limit immigration and "chip" visitors. This, BTW, is not
aimed at the Mexicans (as big a pain as that situation is) but at the hoards
of Europeans who will descend upon us as Eurabia gets on track and these worthies
realize the utter folly of their ways.
So, fort up, ignore the rest of the world as much as possible and pour money into
the space program. It's time to go, folks.
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Necromancer    wjr its just an observation   4/6/2009 7:28:35 PM
No good bad or anything else implied.
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wjr321       4/6/2009 11:00:29 PM
I assumed that your post was simply an observation so I did not take anything
I was simply venting my spleen at the state of things. We should come home
and let the rest of the world go to hell in its' own way. The only thing that we
should pro actively do is to utterly devastate any person or power who attacks
us. And, we should do this without remorse and without consideration of collateral
damage. If you harbor a bad guy or group of bad guys then either root them out
or die with them.
I don't know about anyone else on this board but I have absolutely no problem in
making Saudi Arabia or Iran into a radioactive wasteland. We have given way too
much treasure and lost too many lives to get ingrates out of trouble. Enough is
Let them solve their own problems and let them be terrified of treading upon us.
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theBird       4/7/2009 12:00:37 AM
Ron Paul was Right
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Ispose    What we should do   4/7/2009 1:50:47 PM
Basically the earth is overpopulated...too many rats in the cage. What we need to do is stop being the breadbasket of the world. We take all the grains, rice, sugar beets etc that we produce...sell them to US based Energy companies who turn them into ethanol to power our vehicles, burn the by products in incinerators to produce electricity.
We are under no obligation to feed the stinking masses of the rest of the world...let their populations die off to an acceptable level that is sustainable with THEIR resources. We also stop funneling oil money to the ME...let them try to eat oil.
Keep our military strong and eliminate anyone who trys to take our resources.
This whole feed the starving masses of (Insert one of any failed nations) BS has to stop.
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wjr321       4/7/2009 5:33:29 PM
Iraq is not a sin, Nasty. It is an expression of an old and, candidly, misguided American trait of trying to fix things that other people have screwed up. That's why the French don't speak German, or, for that matter, Russian.
I might remark, though, that, even at this late date, it behooves no German to speak with any moral imperative about foreign affairs. I believe that it was William Dodd, the University of Chicago historian and ambassador to Germany from 1933 to 1938, who said that, on the whole, Germans were carnivorous sheep. Having had significant experience in Germany, I see no reason to update that comment.
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Parmenion    Not done yet, not by a long shot.   4/7/2009 5:52:01 PM
wjr, we clearly aren't going to agree so I won't go into the tonnage of disrespect I feel for your oppinions, although I hope we can remain civil, but just FYI, alot of people are still missing grandparents and great-grandparents from the last time the US became isolationist. We live in a global society and the strange fantasy outlined in your post would both do massive damage to the US and be impossible to implement.
Necromancer prehaps US will get out of some obselete bases in the future. Germany is essentially pretty surplus to requirments other than a few hospitals and staging posts which could be kept for a fraction of the cost. But I do not belive that the current US adminisatration, or the correct course for US foreign policy, lies in withdrawing. Rather the US must become more global in it's defense policy, and the President knows this. President Obama's recent trips, to G20 and Strasbourg and to Turkey illustrate for me that the US is not in decline- rather the US and her allies can together wield the entire armoury and resources of the democratic world.
You may not be comfortable with this, Necromancer, or Herc the Merc as I believe you are also called, but the financical crisis will pass and with leaders like Obama and Brown the free world stands more united, and more militarliy powerful than ever. Join us, become democratic, and increase our diversity, becuase if you mess with us you better get ready for a police action.
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Necromancer    Parmenion   4/7/2009 6:25:52 PM
No the US will be #1 for our lifetimes no doubt. But your expectations "economy will get well soon " is well at best a hope. Our (US) defence budget is $540billion or so-- it will go a lot lower and China is $30 billion to $100 billion it will go higher so there will be parity in numbers(not in quality but its irrelevant as US & China will never directly fight, whats relevant is effectiveness in selling small arms- China leads and fighting wars like Iraq- US leads for now).
Yes US will return to isolationism as its spurned already by EU (no great support for Afghanistan), China and Japan are mad because we print dollars on laser printers and reduce value of their investments in US, and neither do we have the will to fight everybody else's war. So next time Iraq is a problem perhaps Saudi can pay for it. Its 2 things US economy and US frustration with friends and allies. Even UK & Australia are not all that supportive in WOT so WTF. Might as well cutback fix Mexico and hang out in Baja or Cancun. Frankly let US take a break. Siesta time. Vacation from top cop job.
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Necromancer    Parmenion   4/7/2009 6:30:03 PM
Take Iran for example, one prominent French poster wnted US to take out their nuke program. Iran at tis point is primarily in Europe's sphere of trouble so ....u want to be the volunteer army for the rest of ur life??
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wjr321       4/7/2009 11:52:35 PM
Our "speaker for the dead" is exactly right. We, the citizens of the U.S., are and should be sick of throwing treasure at European problems. We have been doing this for nearly a century now and no one that I know of can tell me that there is an end to this. You folks have virtually no skin in the game now days so you have the luxury of benefiting from my tax dollars and our blood sacrifice while exercising loud, hypocritically moral denunciations of us. You folks need to pay your own way and our kids should quit paying for your sins. Yes, sins. You clowns screwed the Middle East up in the early 20th Century so, now why don't you fix it?
You folks have been on and extended vacation for at least 40 years and I, for one, am tired of indirectly paying for your generous vacations to the Greek Isles and the spa days in Baden-Baden.
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