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Subject: US defense industry helping China developing cloaking material
Nanheyangrouchuan    1/15/2009 9:35:59 PM
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VelocityVector       1/15/2009 10:10:57 PM

A cloak must refresh.  At a rate different from surrounding environ.  Across area.  Defender can sample and reach conclusions very rapidly if equipped.  Loser technology in most spaces against an advanced foe.


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Nanheyangrouchuan       1/16/2009 1:07:06 PM
The technology is still new and far from battle ready (or is it?). But the fact that we are helping the Enemy of Man improve its war fighting ability is sickening to me and should be to all of you.
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warpig       1/16/2009 1:48:23 PM
This obviously has ramifications for military applications, and possibly somewhere down the road very serious ones.  The very idea that the name Raytheon appears in the same sentence as Chinese research institutes for something like this is revolting enough, but that there is USAF cooperation with the Chinese is truly sickening.
Perhaps it can be explained if it is shown that it's the Chinese who came up with the initial idea, and we're working with them to learn what we can from it.  Otherwise, our people ought to have to explain why they shouldn't be in danger of being castrated over cooperation like this.
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WarNerd       1/17/2009 5:16:34 AM
From the article it appears more like they have come up a mathematical formula that describes how the material will have shaped to work at any given frequency.  Whether or not they can come up with ways of fabricating those shapes remains to be seen.
Current samples of the materials are only work in the microwave range due to the limitations of the fabrication techniques.  Getting to higher frequencies will probably require developing nano-tech fabrication techniques.
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