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Subject: The Reasons why Pakistan will Turn on America
DGreat1    12/15/2008 2:42:16 PM
Why would a nuclear Iran lead to Pakistan being forced to sever their strategic alliance with America in order to maintain its sphere of influence regarding Muslim nations in the Middle East? Given the fact that Iran is Shia and Pakistan is Sunni it's more likely to drive them closer to the US. A Question Posed by Warnerd My Response Iran currently supports the terrorist agenda of both Hezbollah, a Shiite terrorist organization and Hamas. a Sunni terrorist organization. Iran is also harboring and supporting over 100 members of the Wahabi based Al Qaeda organization. Therefore, Iran is attempting to implement an expansionist agenda that will give them a controlling influence over the terrorist activities of terrorist organizations representing the three major sects of Islam, Shiite, Orthodox Sunni and Wahabi Sunni. This gives Iran an incredible amount of force projection capabilities that will allow them to threaten America’s regional and global interests through terrorist attacks and threats of the same. However, what I really want you to focus on is the fact that Iran has put themselves in a position to control the strategic direction of terrorism in the Middle East. This is unacceptable to Pakistan in a strategic sense, as Pakistan, who is still a state sponsor of terrorism, has been using the military viability that they obtained from the acquisition of nuclear weapons to try and facilitate the same type of controlling influence over terrorist activities in the Middle East with little success. Pakistan’s unwillingness to refrain from sponsoring terrorism is the reason why they will sever ties with America should Iran acquire nuclear weapons, as Pakistani leaders realize that the strategic advantages that they would initially hold over Iran regarding the amount of nuclear weapons Pakistan has[Pakistan currently has 48 nuclear weapons vs an initial Iranian output of probably 5-6 nuclear weapons], would be neutralized by Irans strategic alliance with Russia, a nation with the worlds second largest stockpile of nuclear weapons and Irans multi sect, proxy war subordinates from Syria, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda and Hamas for example. The lethality of these threats is increased by the fact that there are Al Qaeda and Taliban friendly contingents in the Pakistani government as well as the civilian population of Pakistan. This is what Pakistan will be up against should they attempt to continue a strategic alliance with America upon Irans success in acquiring a nuclear arsenal. Now do you really believe that a state sponsor of terrorism like Pakistan, who has terrorist inclinations and the moral deficiencies that come with them is willing to face those types of threats to maintain an alliance with America? The answer is no. In this scenario, Pakistan will act as a competitor nation towards Iran by forging an alliance with Russia and making overtures to a diverse cross section of insurgent and terrorist organizations. This is the only way that Pakistan can compete with a nuclear weapons wielding Iran in the Middle East.
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DGreat1       12/15/2008 3:37:33 PM
I am waiting on your rebuttal Warnerd.
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