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Subject: Iceland offers strategic bases to Russia- WTF???
The Lizard King    11/13/2008 5:12:46 AM
In an official lunch with foreign diplomats, Icelandic President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson shocked neighboring Nordic countries with inviting Russia to take use of the strategically important airbase. Foreign diplomats hardly believed what they heard when the Icelandic president said that his country needs “new friends” and that Russia should be invited to take use of the old U.S. airbase of Keflavik. In the lunch which took place in Reykjavik last Friday, Mr. Grimsson accused neighboring countries of failing to support the crisis-ridden Iceland, newspaper Dagbladet reports with reference to Klassekampen. An internal memo from the Norwegian Foreign Ministry, obtained by the newspaper, describes the diplomats present in the event as “shocked” by the speech. -The North Atlantic is important for the Nordic countries, the USA and the UK. That is a fact which these countries seem to ignore, the president said, adding that “Iceland should rather make new friends”. According to Dagbladet, the Russian ambassador present at the lunch was rather perplexed by the invitation, saying that “Russia does not really need the airport”. The Icelandic president has no formal powers over foreign policy issues. Iceland does not have its own armed forces, and has been dependent on military cooperation with NATO allies. The USA in 2006 closed down its air base at Keflavik, and Iceland has since been practically without air force support.
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Thomas    Hold Your horses.   12/7/2008 5:37:35 PM
1. There is a solution under way concerning a territorial defence of Iceland, AFAIK moderated by the Danish forces.
2. The presidents utterences are a typical attempt to up the ante.
3. There has been repeated attemps from the russians to get a foothold in Greenland - it has cost a bit in humouring some Greenlandic officials, but that is all.
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lurker       12/8/2008 11:44:38 AM
old news, proven to be a reporter taking liberties with comments. Iceland is getting some economic help, this has been posted before...
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