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Subject: future common slavic forces ?
murabit821    11/6/2008 7:38:52 PM
i want know your opinion how can be organized common slavic military i mean all slavic state toghther yes is scifi , unreal or whatever but i just want know how can organized if will be one slavia state some federacy/confederacy of slavic states i have some ideas like several regional command west slavia (poland , czech , slovakia plus kalingrad) south slavia (all south slavic states) central slavia (ukrajine belarus ) west russia (moskva, lenigrad, noth kaukaz , ural-volga districts) east russia (siberian , farest east district and pacific fleet) but maybe some of u have different opinion to how can be organized it is realy fictional i have interest about posible organization and structure nit about if is posible have all slavic land toghter thanks
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murabit821       11/6/2008 7:40:41 PM
sorry for multiple posting but i think it cant post
some error is wroten to me 

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lurker       11/6/2008 8:34:26 PM
poland is essentially western now in my opinion. Gonna have to write that one off.
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murabit821       11/7/2008 1:23:40 PM

poland is essentially western now in my opinion. Gonna have to write that one off.
  two slavic countries are more western , another one sameas poland
 and some 5 are in NATO and next on way 
 but i want write about fictional situation when will be all slavic countries
 in one federacy 
solution for this federacy with all slavic countries

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Godofgamblers       11/10/2008 11:21:06 PM
This idea has been kicked around for some time, murabit, but has never gained wide acceptance because , in any such union, Russia would be the dominant member and the other countries would be reduced to a satellite status. Pan Slavism was thus shelved the moment it was conceived.
It is unfortunate since the Slavs make up a major part of Europe's population but since in the distant past they were broken up , scattered, and grew into different (and contending) political entities, it is too late now to reverse. I think the formative moment was when the Russians underwent a long period of Mongol occupation, influencing Russian language and culture and political systems, making the Russians more akin to an Asian country than to the west. Meanwhile, countries like Poland, Czecho and your own country, murabit, are thoroughly CENTRAL European, with more in common with Austria and Switzerland than with Russia.
Thus, I can see no benefit or synergy from their union. The "balkanization" (sorry for the bizarre word choice!) of the Slavic states began a long time and the blood feuds in the Balkans, the estrangement of the Slavs have gone on too long, have become too entrenched to ever be reversed.
The Arabs suffer similar problems. Though they make up a large portion of the world's population, they can not forget their differences and own interests for the sake of "arab unity".
The one form such a union could take would be a union of Western Slavs, Poland, Czecho and Slovakia, but since Czecho and Slovak just split, the trend is more toward splitting up than reconciling age-old differences.
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